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  MSI X-Slim X430 portable notebook

Monday, November 30th, 2009 | In Electronic Gadgets | Tags:

Recently, MSI has announced the company latest ultra-slim X430 notebook and will be added to their X-Slim collection. This X-Slim X430 is a lightweight (approximately 1.5Kg), less than an inch thick (24.5mm) of the laptop that features a power saving AMD’s Athlon Neo X2 dual core CPU.

The processor provides greater processing power that only require power consumption of 18W, which is a 60% reduction in consumption compared to other traditional processors. With the PowerNow and ATI PowerPlay technologies, the processing and display systems can automatically regulate processor speed and voltage according to the program requirements, so this is significantly increase the duration of the battery usage.

MSI X-Slim X430 portable notebook
This notebook comes with ECO Engine technology, with this technology, it can use five unique power management modes for gaming, movie, presentation, document or turbo battery to extend the battery endurance.
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