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  Young & Obese

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Young & Obese
~ Young & Obese ~

Fat children who get help early see a slimmer future. Weight-loss programmes can help even very young children slim down and it appears that acting early may improve the odds of success, according to two European studies. Excessive pounds in childhood often stay into adulthood, where they have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. In one study, which appeared in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, scientists in the Netherlands found that heavy three to five year olds saw continued benefits from a weight-loss intervention at least several months after it ended.

A report from Sweden showed that overweight and obese children under 10 were much more likely to have slower weight gain than were adolescents getting similar behavioral treatments. What they are showing is a pretty consistent trend that if we were to intervene early, we could really have an effect on changing the trajectory of weight gain in children. There is mounting evidence that paying attention to young children may be a promising way to stem the global obesity epidemic.

The Dutch researchers studies 75 heavy children who had been randomly assigned to either usual care or an intensive weight-loss programme that lasted four months and involved 25 sessions with dietary advice, exercise and for the parents behavioral counseling. A year after the study began, children in the intervention group had gained 1.9kg on average and those who got usual care had added another 3kg.
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  Cut excess calories daily to curb obesity

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Cut excess calories daily to curb obesity
~ Cut excess calories daily to curb obesity ~

One way to halt soaring childhood obesity rates in developed and developing countries is to cut 64 excess calories a day, on average, from children’s diets, according to the US scientists in a new study.

While shaving 64 calories may not seem like a lot, researchers from Columbia University state that doing so can make a big impact in reducing obesity rates by 2020 in the nation.

Add in a healthy dose of exercise and the combination of reduced calories and enhanced activity could “close the gap” between how many calories young people are consuming and how many they expend, said the researchers.

Without this simple daily calorie reduction, the researchers predict that the average American youth would be nearly 1.8KG heavier than a child or teen of the same age five years ago and more than 20% of children would be obese, up from 16.9% today, stated a press release. The study appears in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
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