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  Top 8 finalists design at electrolux design lab 2009

Monday, August 31st, 2009 | In Inspiration & Innovative | Tags: ,

Last week, Electrolux Design Lab has announced the top eight design lab finalists in its global competition. This competition is themed as “Design for the next 90 years”, it is open for the undergraduate and graduate industrial design students who wish to present their innovative ideas for the household appliances for the coming nine decades.

Since my last post about the top 25 best Electrolux design lab entries. Finally, Electrolux Design Lab has selected the top eight design based on the vote results from the public. The final competition for the first place in Electrolux Design Lab 2009 will be taken place in London on this coming 24, September 2009 at 100% Design London, which is the UK’s leading architecture and design event. Internationally recognized designers will judge for these eight finalist designs and select the top three entries as the winners.

There are three prizes for the top three winners.
1. First prize is 5,000 Euro and a six months paid internship at one of the Electrolux global design centers.
2. Second prize is 3,000 Euro.
3. Third prize if 2,000 Euro.

Below are the top eight finalists designs from Electrolux Design Lab. Listing below is randomly show and it is not in the ranking order.

Coccon electronic appliance
It is just like a heating popcorn in a microwave. It prepares genetically engineered and pre-packages meat and fish dishes by heating muscle cell identified by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signals. The signals detect the specific dish and then suggest the required cooking time. So, it is easy cook a delicious meal for those who are never cook before.

Le Petit Prince
Le Petit Prince electronic appliance
It is a robotic greenhouse that designed to facilitate the future exploration and population of Mars. It takes care of a plant it carries inside it glass case, which is mounted on top of its four-legged pod. Will it invented as likely as “Wall E”.
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  Best products design with art

Friday, August 21st, 2009 | In Creative & Collections | Tags: ,

The creativity and innovative ideas on products design are challenging. Sometimes, an useful product that invented with proper and creative art design will definitely increase its market value as well as attractiveness to the customers.

How well of your imagination and art design that can be applied to certain products or tools that we use daily. For example, electronics devices, office equipments, food and beverages’ tools, house interior beauty accessories and so on.

Let Art. Lebedev Studio showcase their creative industrial products design with art (real and concept of the products).

Georgius cocktail sticks
Georgius cocktail sticks 1

Georgius cocktail sticks 2
Turn the coat of arms of Moscow into a party accessory. It is designed to depict Saint George with a spear that can pierce through anything from fruit to canape.
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  Top Appliances design at Electrolux Design Lab

Sunday, July 19th, 2009 | In Creative & Collections, Info & Technology | Tags:

Electrolux Design Lab is an annual design competition open to undergraduate and graduate industrial design students. Students are invited to present their creative and innovative ideas for household appliances for the next 90 years.

The main criteria for the competition are the originality of the concept, the creativeness of the design, consumer insight and the degree to which the concept reflects such like the convenience, time, materials, personalization, entertaining, technology and sustainability.

Electrolux has announced the top 25 best Electrolux Design Lab entries. Eight out of the 25 entries will compete for the first place in the finals in London on this coming 24, September 2009, at 100% Design London, the UK leading architecture and design event.

Here is the nine finalists for year 2008 design competition, most of them are really innovative and fresh and suitable use for any household.
nine finalists for year 2008 design

1. Sook: The social networking recipe generator with electronic tongue.
Sook: The social networking recipe generator with electronic tongue
Sook, a wireless kitchen assistant concept generates, display and shares recipes, bringing social networking into the kitchen. Sook uses a series of sensors to detect what food is on, used to measuring weight and moisture. Sook also has an electronic tongue that digitizes tastes and analysis them so that the ingredients can be combined in pleasing way. The entire unit is waterproof, so it can be washed in the sink like a plate.

2. Coox: The roll away cooking table.
Coox: The rollaway cooking table
Coox, the adaptive cooking table, let users cook and eat wherever they are in the house, alone or with guest. It can become an extension of the dinner table, coffee table or desk, depending on the environment. The height of the appliance can be adjusted to its placement in the room. It cooks with induction technology, which allows the three-burner glass ceramic cooking surface to cool down immediately after the cooking process stops. There is also a warming area on one corner to keep food warm after cooking.

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