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  Kiba launches World’s first Automated Home Video Maker

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 | In Electronics Applications | Tags: ,

Kiba has announced the launch of the world’s first automated home video maker. It is created for families, Kiba identifies, curates and captures your best moments and memories at home effortlessly. Kiba can be your own personal director and editor, giving you a director’s cut of the best moments each day while letting you be in the frame. Kiba’s design is simple, elegant and easy to use and you can set up Kiba in less than a minute.

Kiba new Automated Home Video Maker
~ Kiba new Automated Home Video Maker ~

It is a hands-free device that enables voice interactions — you can control and interact with Kiba through voice commands. For example, users can say, “Kiba Selfie” to take a high-resolution selfie, “Kiba record” to record a 30 second video and “Kiba remember” to remember 30 seconds of the last spontaneous moment. Users can also use “Kiba ON” and “Kiba OFF” commands to control Kiba’s settings.
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