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  28 best stickers for Apple MacBook

Friday, November 20th, 2009 | In Inspiration & Innovative | Tags:

Sometimes laptop is more than just a device, people are tend to decorate it with creative and beautiful stickers on the top of the laptop cover to show their own personal style or emotion on their laptop’s cover.

Different people has different preferences and style to makeover their laptop with some creative stickers. Apparently, those stickers not only use to enhance the stylish of the laptop but also use to prevent the laptop against scratch, abrasion and damage on the surface.

Below are some of the best Apple Macbook stickers. Some of the stickers are make by well-tested materials and printing technologies, some using the ultra-strong laminate to ensure the stickers last longer for your Apple Macbook. Some of these stickers will adhere to most smooth flat surfaces, easily removable and will not leave sticky residue.

1. Lego My Apple – Black
This sticker is approximately 4 inch height x 7 inch wide and come in black vinyl color. It fits for 13, 15 and 17 sizes of Apple Mackbook. It is available for $14.
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