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  Griffin announces availability of WatchStand

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 | In Electronics Accessories | Tags: ,

Griffin Technology, the creator of mobile accessories, has announced the availability of its first Apple Watch accessory, WatchStand. This is the simple yet elegant charging dock provides an effortless, safe and secure place to display and charge Apple Watch when it is not being worn.

Griffin WatchStand
~ Griffin WatchStand ~

WatchStand displays Apple Watch on a sleek pedestal, and it can be placed on any nightstand, tabletop or desktop for convenient daily charging. WatchStand houses the Apple-provided magnetic charging cable in an angled cradle that keep it ready to charge at all times.
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  Loop Fob mobile payment accessory for iPhone

Friday, February 21st, 2014 | In Electronics Accessories | Tags: ,

Loop Fob is a mobile payment accessory that offers mobile-wallet solution and allows consumers to securely store and organize all of their credit cards and use them virtually everywhere with the device of their choice. Loop Fob is also the World’s first smartphone-enabled commerce solution accepted at virtually every retail point-of-sale terminal.

Loop Fob mobile payment accessory for iPhone
~ Loop Fob mobile payment accessory for iPhone ~

Loop gives users in intuitive way to simplify and organize their wallets. Users just need to install the free LoopWallet app and equip their device with the Loop AppCessory and then they can swipe their card into their smartphone and pay at almost everywhere in the world.
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  Blue Microphones new Mikey Digital for iPhone

Saturday, September 1st, 2012 | In Electronics Accessories | Tags: ,

Blue Microphones, the company that designs and produces microphones, recording tools, music accessories for audio professionals, musicians and consumers, has recently introduced its new Mikey Digital, which is the plug-and-play stereo microphone designed for iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPad.

Blue Microphones Mikey Digital for iPhone
~ Blue Microphones Mikey Digital for iPhone ~

The Mikey Digital is a perfect tool for mobile recording and once plugged into the port on the iPhone, it can be rotated 230 degrees for optimal positioning.
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  GameKlip for smartphones with PS3 controllers

Monday, August 6th, 2012 | In Electronics Accessories | Tags: ,

The GameKlip is a smart solution to hook the PS3 controller with the Android phone. It is made out of the strong ABS plastic and easily connects the controller and the mobile device as well as providing a solid mounting platform for playing the games.

GameKlip for smartphones with PS3 controllers
~ GameKlip for smartphones with PS3 controllers ~

GameKlip is laser cut and thermoformed to the controller and mobile device. It is specially designed to mount Android device on the controller and there is not connectivity software needed during the setup but only need to install Sixaxis Controller app that available on Google Play.

Once connected, the GameKlip turns the Android device and PS3 controller into a dedicated handheld games console and users can play the games more comfortable and intuitive method when controlling the complex games. Each of the GameKlip is designed to fit a specific of Android phone model and users can select the model of their phone when ordering the GameKlip.

Users are required to try the Sixaxis compatibility checker to ensure their phone is compatible before buying the GameKlip. It is available with the price of $15 for wireless version and $23 for the wired version.

Information via thegameklip.


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