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  35 natural and abstruct wallpapers

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 | In Creative & Collections, Wallpapers & Posters |

Desktop wallpaper can be the natural graphics or photography, which often results in some of the most beautiful breathtaking and stunning images. When I was browsing on the Internet and across the website, there are lots of beautiful wallpapers with high quality and big resolution. These amazing wallpapers are large enough and around the right aspect ratio to be used as a desktop background.

There are more inspirational, beautiful and elegant wallpapers around the Internet, wallpaper can be categorized to calendar wallpaper, minimalistic wallpaper, desktop wallpaper, funny cartoons, logos, wallpaper-illustrations and themes for your personal computer and so on. Some of these abstract wallpapers are absolutely stunning and would look great behind your desktop icons.

Beside these, you could get the most updated and latest wallpaper at Flickr. There are 9,000 photos available as wallpaper for your desktop and every month the “wallpaper of the month” will be selected.

Abstruct Flower Wallpaper


Banboxx Info


Chaos Wallpaper

Colored Glass Wallpaper

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  30 Creative and IMP Awarded Movies Posters

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 | In Creative & Collections, Wallpapers & Posters |

Sometimes movie poster can be a beautiful art beside acting as the advertising material. Some posters can be very creative with the appropriate usage of colors, environment, objects, graphical approach, genre and styles. Some can be informative, while others can be fully humor that used to attract audiences for the movies.

A great poster is a easy job for an regular artist but a creative poster might takes a lot of time and idea to work on it. Some the creative movie posters are beyond the advertisement work to form a piece of art for the collection.

Each year, typically in the first two weeks of January, the nominations for the Annual Internet Movie Poster (IMP) awards are named. Some of these movie posters had been awarded as the best and creative movies posters by IMP awards. Below are some of the wonderful movie posters that can be found on the Internet.

Blue Gold: Water War ~ 2008
Blue Gold: Water War 2008

Employee of the Month ~ 2006
Employee of the Month 2006

Eragon ~ 2006
Eragon 2006

Fearless ~ 2006
Fearless 2006
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