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  Variety of delicious pudding cake

Friday, May 14th, 2010 | In Foods & Beverages, Sources From Mails |

Apple line pudding cake

Black forest cheese cake

Chocolate chip oreo cheese cake

Chocolate pear cheese cake

Fruit marble glutinous rice cake

Honeydrew cheese cake

Marble banana cheese cake

Orange pudding cake

Passionfruit cheese cake

Pumpkin pudding cake

Seasame pudding cake with chocolate cream cheese topping

  Luxury Beds (part 3)

Friday, July 10th, 2009 | In Sources From Mails |

There are more luxury beds to be presented from this post. Normally, these luxury beds can cost up to hundreds thousands dollar with optional headboards, decorative accessories, additional modules and lighting or audio system.

The beds offer consistent body support and therefore comfortable to have a great sleep and improved sleep performance based on their solid scientific research of the design.

luxury bed 13
A classic and brilliant bed with fabric and duvet covers.

luxury bed 14
A simple yet master bed with red color style.
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  TVB 2009 Calendar

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 | In News & The Events, Sources From Mails |

Every year TVB is release its promotional calendar for the upcoming year to all their audiences, in recent years it become a highly anticipated event as TV fans world widely are await the monthly cover to see if their favorite artistes have make it into the coveted pages of the Calendar. Any artists could be placed in the twelve pages of the calendar as long as he or she is a contracted artist and all artists will be represented their company for the next twelve months and how they have been portrayed.

TVB’s annual calendar boasts a reputation for flaunting its most popular stars of the year. Below are the TVB 2009 calendar with twelve months of the coveted pages with the TVB artists.

Artists calender of January are Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Jan.

Artists calender of February are Susanna Kwan, Kiki Sheung, Louise Lee, Nancy Sit, Michelle Yim.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Feb.

Artists calender of March are Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Miu.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Mar.

Artists calender of April are Sunny Chan, Myolie Wu, Joe Ma.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Apr.

Artists calender of May are Kenneth Ma, Yoyo Mung, Selena Li, Shirley Yeung, Lai Lok Yi.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_May.

Artists calender of June are Steven Ma, Anna Yau, Sharon Chan, Patrick Tang, Kenny Wong.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Jun.

Artists calender of July are Aimee Chan, Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Natalie Tong.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Jul.

Artists calender of August are Nancy Wu, Koni Lui, Leanne Li, Fala Chan, Tracy Yip, Vivien Yeo, Yoyo Chen, Suki Tsui.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Aug.

Artists calender of September are Mandy Cho, Michael Tse, Adam Cheng, Christine Ng, Sheren Tang.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Sep.

Artists calender of October are Gallen Lo, Bernice Liu, Bobby Au, Maggie Siu.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Oct.

Artists calender of November are Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Moses Chan.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Nov.

Artists calender of December are Liza Wang, Amigo Chui, Matthew Ko, Jason Chan, Benjamin Yuen, Edwin Siu, Stephen Huynh.
View and get larger image size at 1440×900_Dec.

From my opinion, TVB 2008 Calendar was attractive and more lively with various background colors on most of the pages. Hope next year TVB will release more attractive, beautiful, colorful background and cheerful calendar rather than this year, which mainly concern on black and white background colors on most of the pages. All information above are credit to and my friend who emailed these photos to my Hotmail account.

  Little Dogs Collection

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 | In Pets & Animals, Sources From Mails |

I like dogs especially the small cute dogs. I used to visit the Safari pet store at Ikea shopping complex most of the time before I moved to KL city. Few weeks ago, I was received an email from my friends about the little dogs, they are cute and lovely. All small dogs have strong, well defined personalities, they not only cute and lovely but when you see them, you will most likely to play around with them in the garden.

For those who are not comfortable with dogs, please ignore it and for those who like the dogs and wish to have photos collection of little dogs, please view more on the link below for 20 photos of the little dogs photos.

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