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  Present from colleague

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 | In Foods & Beverages, Presents & Fun |

Last week, I was received at present from my colleague for the celebration of her full month daughter.

My colleague, who took maternity leave few months ago and gracefully gave birth her first child, here I wish to say congratulation for her. As traditionally, each of the staffs at my company was contribute some amount of money to bought her some gifts. There are 6 persons in this company and shared to buy her

1. An anklet – RM339.
2. A bottle sterilizer – RM189.90.

Somehow, she present a box of cakes, biscuits for each of us as return.

Colleague’s daughter full month present 1
A present with a beautiful box and put in the plastic bag.

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  Christmas Gift 2007

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007 | In Presents & Fun |

This Christmas, i got present from my colleague, i was not expected to receive present from anyone, because i never receive present at Christmas since i was young, but so surprise that this year i received a present.

2007 Chritmas Gift 1
This was the present, from my colleague at sell department, each of us at software team, got present. Of course happy to receive present, kind of warmness to say happy Christmas. When i open the package, that was..

2007 Chritmas Gift 2
A cup, with a snoopy picture, a spoon, and a cover. It is nice, so i no need to buy another cup again when my plastic cup (Free when i bought 2KG milo package) is broken.haha

2007 Chritmas Gift 3
And, also i bought a cadbury chocolate for myself as Christmas present. It was too temptation put it in-front of my laptop, so it was eaten by me just before the Christmas. This Christmas was quite boring, nothing special here, and raining too, so spent my day for sleeping at home.

  Say hello to Big Cadbury Bear

Monday, November 5th, 2007 | In Presents & Fun |

Gold Storage fresh market is a supermarket that sell fresh foods, vegetable, drink, alcohols, hair/body shampoo and so on, there are many branches at KL, petaling jaya here. Last week, i went to one of the branch of gold storage at Ikano shopping complex, there was a big cadbury bear holding Malaysia flag that inside the mirrored wall. This attracted many people around and took picture and i was one of the cameraman.

Gold Storage - Big bear
Big cadbury bear

Does this a new tactic to attract customers and drive sell or cadbury sponsored this big bear to have fun to kid and advertise?haha It took a big space to put this big cadbury bear in the middle of the walk path.

  Key Chain

Sunday, September 30th, 2007 | In Presents & Fun |

Last week, i had received a key chain present from my colleague that back from Hong Kong.

Key ChainKey Chain2
~Key Chain

It is silver color, with the Hong Kong word and picture on the keychain. Before that, i never know that the keychain can be in 3 uses, that is 1) key-chain, 2) nail-cutter, 3) also bottle-opener.


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