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  Make money with Smorty

Saturday, December 29th, 2007 | In Just For Reviews, Pay Post Programs |

Smorty is another blog advertising company that establish a connection between advertisers and bloggers (Publishers). Smorty provides the solutions in the way that allow advertisers to start their campaigns, and Smorty will help to review and deliver to the right bloggers, so that bloggers can grab the opportunity to write opinions, suggestions, positive/ negative points and posted on the own blogs.

This is a good method for both advertisers and bloggers (Publishers) because, advertisers are pay to the right bloggers to blog about their products and services, this give the blogger have the chance to get paid to blog, as well as advertisers can advertise on many blogs to bring in more traffic and sales to their websites.

It is affordable, effective, efficient and easy, because

1. Smorty is help both advertisers and blogger doing all the background tasks such like get more advertisers to run their campaigns, review and deliver to the right bloggers.

2. Advertiser only need spend minimum of $10 to start a campaign and advertise on many blogs.

3. Smorty do not look at PageRank, number of indexed pages to determine approval, but they do look over 20 factor on each blog and create a Smorty smart score to estimate that the blogs can bring a better result from traffic and links to relevant content.

4. Advertiser only need to pay on their bid for bloggers to write opinions with links back to their website.

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