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  Google files patent for Cancer Targeting Wearable

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 | In News & The Events | Tags: ,

Google has filed a new patent for a wearable device from its semi-secret Google X research lab in California that can detect and destroy the painted cells. It is described a Calico developed device that can automatically modify or destroy one or more targets in the blood that have an adverse health effect.

Cancer Targeting Wearable
~ Cancer Targeting Wearable ~

These could include proteins, enzymes, cells, hormones or other molecules that may affect health when present in blood. The wearable can modify or destroy the cells by transmitting energy into blood vessels, this could be by radio frequency pulse, time-varying magnetic field, acoustic pulse or infrared or visible light signal.
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  Apple updates MacBook Pro & MacBook Air

Sunday, March 15th, 2015 | In News & The Events | Tags: , ,

Apple has recently updated its 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display with the all new Force Touch Track-pad, fifth generation Intel Core processors and Intel Iris Graphics 6100, two times faster flash and longer battery life and have more performance and capabilities to their customers.

The new track-pad features built-in force sensors that allow users to click anywhere and haptic feedback that provides a responsive and uniform feel. Users can even customize the feel of the track-pad by changing the amount of pressure needed to register each click. The Force Touch Track-pad also enables a new gesture called Force Click, a click followed by a deeper press for tasks like pulling up the definition of a word, quickly seeing a map or glancing at a preview of a file.
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  Leap Motion 3D motion control bundles with Asus PCs

Sunday, January 6th, 2013 | In News & The Events | Tags: , ,

Leap Motion, the company that develops advanced motion sensing technology for human-computer interaction, has announced one of its first global OEM partnerships with Asus to bundle its World’s most accurate 3D Motion-Control Technology with Asus’ computers and high-end notebooks using Intel’s Haswell platform.

Leap Motion 3D motion control bundles with Asus PCs
~ Leap Motion 3D motion control bundles with Asus PCs ~

This ground-breaking partnership brings the future of computer interaction to everyone around the World and Leap Motion will deliver the incredibly fast and accurate natural user interface for better interaction between humans and computers.

Leap Motion’s incredible speed and precision will definitely help to fuel its momentum and leadership in the industry. The technology can track movement to 1/ 100th millimetre, which is smaller than the tip of a pin with no visible lag time and the Leap Motion controller has a 150-degree field of view, track individual hand and all 10 finger at 290 frames per second.

According to the Leap Motion, the OEMs that adopt 3D motion control technology, they are spurring a rapid evolution in computer interface and helping free the full power and potential of computing for their consumers.

Information via leapmotion.

  Facebook App Center for iOS and Android

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 | In News & The Events, Phones & Mobile Apps | Tags: ,

Facebook has just announced their new App Center, which is a new place for people to find social apps and it is designed for apps discovery for iOS and Google Android phones.

Facebook App Center for iOS and Android
~ Facebook App Center for iOS and Android ~

The App Center lets developers to have more way and space to grow their apps and create opportunities for more types of apps. It is the new and center place to great apps like Draw Something, Pinterest, Spotify, Battle Pirates, Viddy and more. Users can see the app details and determine to install it before going to an app.
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