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  My Services – MD5 | SHA1 Encryptor

Monday, December 17th, 2007 | In My Web Services |

Believe that many people know what is MD5 and SHA1 encryption and decryption. MD5|SHA1 that provided by LimCorp, is a web-based MD5 and SHA1 with secret key encryption service.

In cryptography, MD5(Message-Digest algorithm 5) is a wisely used hash function for storing password, message integrity and so on. It produces a 128-bit of hash value, typically, expressed as a 32-character hexadecimal number. It is popular because it is an one way hash function, which mean that the original string data can only be encrypted, but HARD to decrypt without pre-stored of the original string data before encrypt it; Whereas

SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm. It is a hash algorithms compute a fixed-length of digital representation from an input of original string data/ message in any length, It is computationally infeasible to 1) find a message that corresponds to a given message digest, 2) find 2 different messages that produce the same message digest. So any change to a message will result in a different message digest.

My Services - MD5 & SHA1

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  My Services – Photo Resizer

Saturday, December 15th, 2007 | In My Web Services |

Photo resizer is a web-based service that used to resizer your photo. Photo can be uploaded to be resized, in .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp format and less than 100KB. It is simple and easy steps to resizer your photo using photo resizer.

First step, upload your photo by click on the “browse” button, this is mandatory step/ entry.
Second step, enter the width and height for the size of your photo, this is not compulsory entries, by default, system will set the width and height to 150 pixels, if user did not enter the width and height.
Third step, click on the “Download Photo button to save the resized photo.

My Services - photo resizer 1
Example 1: I browse a ice-cream buffer photo, and specific the height to 400 pixels and no specific the width, left system auto aspect ratio of my photo.

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  My Services – Image Puzzle Game

Saturday, December 8th, 2007 | In My Web Services |

Image Puzzle is game, that user can scramble/ shuffle the whole image into many small pieces, then user can start to solve it until all the pieces arrange to the right position and this is the process to reassembly back the scrambles/ shuffled image into the original whole image. This is free service image puzzle game provided by LimCorp. Purposely for fun and entertainment of the wed-based image puzzle game, without the need of installing software or hardware equipment to play the game, it requires only internet connection.

How to play? It is easy. At image puzzle webpage, there are 2 textboxes and 3 buttons. Everytime when user access to the image puzzle webpage, system will instruct the script to initial the default image for puzzle.

My Services - Image puzzle1
Hint, system will auto remove one piece from the image frame as shown above, and user can click on the pieces beside the removed piece in order to move piece from one position to another; to move the piece, user just click on the pieces beside (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) of the removed pieces. Also, user can press “F11″ shortcut key to play image puzzle in full screen for comfortable and better feel on playing the image puzzle game.

Example 1: The first step, user can select the columns and rows for the image to be cut into pieces in columns and rows, by default it is set to 3 columns and 4 rows. Second step, user need to click on the “Shuffle” button to scramble the image into pieces, then user can proceed to reassembly the image from many small pieces.

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  My Services – Watermarking

Thursday, December 6th, 2007 | In My Web Services |

Watermarking is a process of protect your own works and photos from copying, distributing, using by other people without your knowledge or permission. A watermark is a design or likely a signature that attached on the top layer of your works and photos to let the public know that, these work and photos are origin from their owner, so mostly we can see many photos that we search on the net, have been watermarked by its owner with their Logo trademark or website URL.

Watermark Service that provided at LimCorp is basically, a web-based service, user can instantly upload 2 photos, which are the source photo (to be watermarked) and watermark photo (to be attached at the top layer of the source photo). Accepted photo formats are .jpg, .gif, .png and .bmp. and photos background can be transparency that less than 100KB.

Watermark Service
Example of the original and watermarked cute dog photo.

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