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  My Services – Online Users Counter

Monday, December 31st, 2007 | In My Web Services |

Online Users Counter is a service that allows user to calculate and track the total number of users that currently browsing or visiting their website. This service is purely return by LimCorp, that using the file-based algorithm to track the number of visitors currently (duration as past 10 minutes until now) browsing your webpages.

It is simple to setup the counter at your webpages. Please click on “Show/ Hide Details” for more information at the setup webpage. There are few steps for the configuration.

1. Enter the auto refresh (In second) for the stat counter start to auto refresh itself to get the latest total numbers of users currently browsing your webpages. Set 0 for disable the auto refresh feature.

2. Select the type (Simple or Graphic).

My Services - Online Users Counter 2
Select “Simple” type of stat counter layout.

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  My Services – Image Shadow Creator

Sunday, December 30th, 2007 | In My Web Services |

Image Shadow means the drop down shadow reflect from the original image. The purpose of the shadow make your webpage more beauty and attractive, also image shadow make your image/ logo look live with the sense of light strikes on the top of your original image or we also can say that the mirror effect from the bottom of your original image. Meanwhile the shadow does not mean it is in black color, but it is alpha transparent reflected from your image. Confused?, please the example image below.

My Services - Image Shadow 1
Please see above image, there are two different parts, the top part is the original image, while the bottom part is the shadow reflection from the original image.

Image shadow creator is a free service provided by LimCorp, it allows user to create a image shadow with their preference. User can select the height of the image shadow (in %); alpha fade start (in %); alpha fade end (in %); extra color effect; and also result in shadow only (select yes) or original image plus shadow (select no).

We offer 2 types of results produced, first type user upload their photo to create the shadow whereas second type, user generate a code consists of URL with some parameters, then copy and paste the code to their webpage, so image shadow can be instantly load from their webpage.

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  My Services – Photo Cropper

Saturday, December 29th, 2007 | In My Web Services |

Photo Cropper is a tool that used to crop, resize, rotate 90 degree (Clockwise, Counter Clockwise) of your photo, It is fully web-based service provided by LimCorp. Script is developed using PHP, and initial source is gather from open source webplace and it have been enhanced, modified for more user friendly, easy to use. Below is the step by step guide to use this service.

My Services - Photo Cropper 1
Step 1: Browse the photo then click on the “Send to Crop Now” button. System only accept .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp format of the photos within 100KB.

My Services - Photo Cropper 2
Step 2: Once the photo successfully loaded at next webpage, user is fully control to crop, resize, rotate the photo, with the control buttons at the top of the photo.

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  My Services – Email Icon Generator

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 | In My Web Services |

To avoid spamming, simply convert your email address into email icon, is one of the best ways to protect your email address from spammer, auto system capture of your email address and so on. Basically, Email Icon Generator that provided here is a web-based free service that allow users to convert their textual email address into a group pixels, we call it as a email icon, this could safety to be published, displayed on your webpage publicly, because by showing your email address in the form of email icon, rather than text, so spammers’ email capturing systems are not able to read and store it into their mailing lists.

This service, does not store any of your email address, or never share your email to third party, because we know your privacy and there is no reason that why we want to keep your email address. When load this service webpage, it will take a bit longer time because there are many example of email icon sample listed on the webpage, so it might require a bit longer time load the whole webpage.

How to use Email Icon Generator here to generate your email icon? It is easy. There are 3 ways | methods for users to generate their email icon upon their preference. Let me explain the usage steps, of each of the methods that used to generate email icon with print-screens.

My Services - Email Icon Generator - First Method

First method, there are 5 steps to generate your email icon. Step 1, enter your email address (without @ domain . com ) at the textbox on the top of the webpage. Step 2, click the radio button of “System Email Domain“. Step 3, choose one of the email domain listed as above image example. Step4, choose the font text of your email string. lastly Step 5, click on the “Generate Now” to generate the email icon.

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