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  Google Adsense @ Western Union quick cash

Friday, February 13th, 2009 | In Make Money Online |

I have installed the Google’s Adsense ads slots at my websites and weblogs since one year ago, eventually at November 2008, my Google’s Adsense earning was reach the minimum cash out level ($100). Earning is accumulate day by day based on the page impressions; clicks; page click-through rate (CTR) and page eCPM.

There are two options for receiving your money once it reach the minimum payout, which are check delivery to your address or via western union quick cash. Actually receive your Google’s Adsense earning via the western union quick cash is the best and fast way to get your money if you are not US residents because,

1. Use check delivery option,
Standard delivery checks are sent by regular mail and should arrive within 2 ~ 3 weeks of the mailing date; whereas standard express delivery checks are sent via courier and should arrive within 1 week but this require $24 processing fee. Once you get the checks and transfer the money to your local bank (for example, Malaysia), then the bank will charge RM25 processing fee and your money will be transferred to your local bank account after few weeks time.

2. Use western union quick cash option,
You can pick up your money at your local western union agent the day after the payment date. Fast and without any charges or processing fee.

Here is the steps to choose the western union quick cash option and get your money once payment has been issued at your Google’s Adsense account.

Choose Western Union Option
First step, you need to ensure your payment holding option is not checked in your account and choose “Setup Western Union Quick Cash” option on the form of payment, then proceed to enter your first name and surname as the payee name, tick the agreement and click the save change button.

Some important notes:
1. Payments will be processed in USD and may be available for pick up in local currency cash.

2. Google’s Adsense can not process western union payments to business payee names.

3. The maximum amount Google’s Adsense can send for an individual payment is limited to USD $2,700, if your payment exceeds the amount, then you will receive multiple western union payments up to your total payment amount.

4. You need to pick up your payment within 60 days after the payment has been issued, if you do not pick it up within 60 days then your earnings will be credited back to your account and your payments will be put on hold.

Western Union Sign
Second step, once your payment has been issued as western union quick cash, you need to find you local bank which is the agent of the western union that offer quick cash services. To identify the bank that is the agent of the western union, just simply notify the Western Union® sign as shown on the photo above. (For example, Public Bank; RHB Bank).

Example of Google’s Adsense Earning Statement
Final step, go to your account, My Account -> Payment History -> Payment Details, you can overview the details of your earning and you can also print the Statement of Earnings followed the link below, then it is the time to get your money at your local bank.

1. Visit to the bank outlet that displaying a western union sign and fill in a “To Receive Money” form. You need to provide the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN); the full name of the sender; the country the money was sent from and the total amount to be received.

2. Present the completed form to the bank officer along with your Identification card or photo ID or driving license.

3. Then Collect your money and a receipt. Done.

Also the exchange rate for your local currency will vary based on the rate used by the western union agent on the day you pick up your payment. My western union quick cash payment was issued at 22 December 2008 and I was collected my payment at 30 January 2009, that time the exchange rate is 3.447 for (USD -> RM) at Public Bank while the market exchange rate was 3.608 for (USD -> RM) listed at

Important: Never click the ads by yourself or encourage people to click it because these are violated Google’s Adsense’s terms and conditions. More information on Western Union quick cash, please visit Google’s Adsense Help.

  Paypal Withdraw to My Public Bank Debit Card

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 | In Make Money Online |

Blogging is my part time work. Blogging is not only allows me to share my knowledge, my stories to all my friends and readers, but it also gives me the freedom to write whatever topics that I interested to, including complaint for unfairness issues, tips that I learned, archive those informative posts for future references and much more. Blogging is one of the powerful media that gives certain influence to the readers depend on the blog popularity, according to the survey.

I use my leisure time to blog most of the topics that I like and take part on some earning pay reviews, gradually earn the money. Eventually, I decided to withdrawal $500 from my paypal account to my public bank debit card. Before that, I would like to say thousands of thank you for my advertisers; Blog advertising programs such like,,, and much more. I am appreciate for those website owners that gave me a change to have a direct reviews for their website such like:

Withdraw Request
Last week 27th of August, I requested for $500 withdrawal from my paypal account. This was not the first time I withdrawn money from paypal, and I can confirm that paypal is a reliable ‘e-bank’ because It did transfer money to my public bank debit card.

Just be careful if you want to use your paypal fund to buy some services from someone, because paypal refuse you to claim back the amount, if someone did not provide the service to you. I did have an experience on this issue.

Withdraw In Process
I confirmed on withdrawal, then status was set to pending. Paypal has limit daily withdrawal amount must less than $500, and $5 will be deducted from the amount that you withdraw as the transaction fee.

Transaction Details
It was very fast of the process, just within a day paypal had approved and completed my withdrawal process, but I still need to waiting 4~5 days for the money to be transferred to my public bank debit card at Malaysia.

Just now I went to public bank to check my debit card’s balance, the amount is RM1655.44, which mean that the calculation as below:

Withdraw: $495.00
Received: RM1655.44
Exchange Rate between USD and RM: 3.344.

I would use this money for foods as well as partial of travel fee to Hong Kong this coming December 2008.

  Public bank’s debit card for paypal withdrawal

Monday, April 21st, 2008 | In Make Money Online |

A month ago, I had applied public bank’s electronic debit card, It took around 2 weeks for the process then I received a postal email from public bank to request me deposit RM25 to my debit card, before the card can be issued to me, so I just went to public bank and deposit RM25 to my debit card.

After deposit RM25, they told me to wait for the postal mail about my debit card will be issued, so I wait another 1 week to get the notice about my debit card had been issued, and request me to public bank to collect it. So, last week I got my debit card already. The card is yellow in color, look like example below.

Example of the electron debit card from public bank.

debit card denied
Then, I quickly login to to add card. First time, my debit card was rejected/ denied and I not nervous because I knew many people had successfully withdraw the money, so I though might be some steps that I missed. Then I surfing the Internet and figure out the problem, just knew that, we need to put some money in the card, because Paypal will charge around $1 for the new card added.

debit card accepted
Then I quickly run to public bank, that located downstairs of my working place. And I put in RM50 to my debit card, then rush back to the office and add the card again. Yes, this time, I successfully added my card to my paypal account.

1st withdrawal
Followed, I withdraw $185 at my Paypal account. Paypal will charge $5 for the transaction fee, and daily limit transaction is $500.

1st confirmed withdrawal
The withdrawal request was set at pending status. That day was 16 of April, Wednesday I request for the withdrawal, and surprise that my money was successfully transfer to my debit card at 19 of April, Saturday morning when I logged in to my Paypal account, really fast.

Today, I went to public back check the balance at my debit card, I got RM632.++, then request withdrawal from my debit card. It means that

RM632 (Received)
minus RM25 (Deposit)
minus RM50 (I put in) = RM557 (Gross)
RM557 / $180 = 3.09

So, the exchange rate is 3.09 for USD to MYR.

  Clixsense PTC program

Sunday, October 14th, 2007 | In Make Money Online |

Clixsense is a popular paid to click (PTC) program, allow public sign up for free and click for the available advertisements to earn money.

It is simple, sign up a free account, and click on the advertisement, let the pop up window launched, then wait for the 30 seconds timer count down, then you will get $o.o1. Every click has different cost, from $0.01 to $5.00, normally the high price i got was $o.o2. The minimum cash out is $10.00, by refering more people, it is easy to reach this figure. I am half way to my cash out, if i manage to get my first paycheck, then i will post it here again.

~Clixsense, Balance is the amount you accumulated, i erase it since it is too little to display here..haha

In another way, member can also advertise their website, products, services at clixsense for more sales and traffic. There is around 288K page viewed per day, according to the stat at the top-right corner of the webpage.


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