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Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 | In Computers & Internet, Just For Reviews | Tags: , , is a professionals and dedicated company to provide the highest quality ink cartridges and toner from plenty of well-known brands. Users can use the Cartridge Finder to find a suitable cartridge for their printer then compare prices and quality among the others brands before purchase it online.

The company is partnering with the biggest distributors of print products, so it manages to offer a huge selection of the ink cartridges for their customers with affordable prices. For example, the company is also distributing and selling the Canon Ink Cartridges in their store.

Besides these, carries an one year 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee for their customers, who purchase their refill kits, re-manufactured or compatible ink cartridge. Customers can request for replacement or return when they are dissatisfied for any reason that the ink cartridges are not working properly. Customers, who orders above $50.00 of the goods from the store are eligible for free shipping within the United States. helps their customers to save time and cost. Customers can buy the refill kits, generic or re-manufactured ink cartridges from the store and save up to 80% of the retail prices. Finally, is the right place for those, who are searching an alternative solution to replace the extremely priced ink and toner they are using now.

  World’s first on-demand knowledge network

Thursday, July 9th, 2009 | In Just For Reviews, News & The Events |

Nowadays, Elearning is one of the most effective and cost saving method to enhance your knowledge, skills and productivity on demand. Elearning is just like an electronic education that includes the delivery of content via network, audio and video recordings, satellite broadcast, interactive TV.

Benefits of Elearning.
1. Saves time without sacrificing quality;
2. Minimizes travel cost;
3. Suited for geographically diverse employees;
4. More consistent course delivery;
5. Offer more individualized instruction. offers a vast stream of online courses for everyone who are interested. April 2009, the Company had launched the Personal Edition (LPE), which offers free web-based training and education to help individuals acquire new skills for the transforming economy at the same time, to improve their hire ability and competitive advantage. personal edition is basically for job seekers or existing employees to “skill up” in a particular job or role. Learners can earn a Skill Score, which indicates some level of competency in that job role. A Skill Score is a personal tracking and development score that determines an individual’s proficiency for skills that are mapped to a job profile.

At, you can create your own “job profile”. As you can choose the career path and will help you to develop the necessary skills and knowledge, so that you are job ready on day one. Each “job profile” will have a maximum “Skill Score” of 1,000 points. Each time you finish all of the courses in a skill, you will see your “Skill Score” increased.
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  GE home Security System

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 | In Info & Technology, Just For Reviews |

During this economic recession period, many cases of housebreaking, thieves and crimes are increasing due to the situation. People are neglecting the basic home security they need, and most of them are relying on the simple door locks.

Nowadays, people are looking for the home security that can protect their house with 24/7 security monitoring. Advanced technology has made this enhancement available and improve the security level even further. For instance, now you can add motion detectors to a security system to make it even more effective, and any movement in the range of the sensors will trigger the alarm.

So, GE home security is what you need for your basic home security system. It comes with guaranteed; lifetime alarm systems replacement parts that are warranted and save you up to 20% off homeowners insurance. You can easily defend your home and family against the threat of invasion, burglary and forced entry with the wireless security system.
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  Web Hosting Choice

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 | In Info & Technology, Just For Reviews |

In this economic recession period, many people around the world willing to spend more time and energy on the Internet online business rather than invest on the traditional business, since then many websites have been launched every day. Web hosting companies have also been increased and taken this opportunity to supply for the market demand at the same time to compete with each others.

Web hosting Choice

Since not all the web hosting services are same and specification that suitable for a particular website to be hosted, so it is important to consider all the aspects of the web hosting company before host your website on their server. The Web Hosting Choice is one of the best resources about the web hosting for any webmaster to refer and compare before making any decision on hosting their website to the web hosting company.

When talk about the web hosting, we are focusing on the disk space; bandwidth; sever speed; customer supports; technology that enabled on the server; live chat support; email and so on. You can probably see the basic of these informations at Web Hosting Choice and users can search for the web hosting by category such like budget hosting; business hosting; dedicated server and this could save a lot of time for the webmasters to find the best hosting providers to host their websites/ online business.


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