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  The Scratch-n-scroll notable mousepad

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 | In Inspiration & Innovative | Tags:

The creativity for the products invention is the endless topic to be discovered. Every day, there are lots of practical and useful products have been introduced to the market for the end users.

This time some creative people have fantastic idea to present their Scratch-n-scroll notable mouse pad product at Quirky.

The Scratch-n-scroll notable mouse pad 1

It is a standard mouse pad combines with magic slate that allows user to write something on its surface.

The Scratch-n-scroll is the some kind of “paperless” revolution idea for users to quickly write down the vital notes or to-do list right away on the pad surface. Once they have completed the tasks, they can simply erase the writing by flipping up the semi-transparent top sheet.
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  Top 8 finalists design at electrolux design lab 2009

Monday, August 31st, 2009 | In Inspiration & Innovative | Tags: ,

Last week, Electrolux Design Lab has announced the top eight design lab finalists in its global competition. This competition is themed as “Design for the next 90 years”, it is open for the undergraduate and graduate industrial design students who wish to present their innovative ideas for the household appliances for the coming nine decades.

Since my last post about the top 25 best Electrolux design lab entries. Finally, Electrolux Design Lab has selected the top eight design based on the vote results from the public. The final competition for the first place in Electrolux Design Lab 2009 will be taken place in London on this coming 24, September 2009 at 100% Design London, which is the UK’s leading architecture and design event. Internationally recognized designers will judge for these eight finalist designs and select the top three entries as the winners.

There are three prizes for the top three winners.
1. First prize is 5,000 Euro and a six months paid internship at one of the Electrolux global design centers.
2. Second prize is 3,000 Euro.
3. Third prize if 2,000 Euro.

Below are the top eight finalists designs from Electrolux Design Lab. Listing below is randomly show and it is not in the ranking order.

Coccon electronic appliance
It is just like a heating popcorn in a microwave. It prepares genetically engineered and pre-packages meat and fish dishes by heating muscle cell identified by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) signals. The signals detect the specific dish and then suggest the required cooking time. So, it is easy cook a delicious meal for those who are never cook before.

Le Petit Prince
Le Petit Prince electronic appliance
It is a robotic greenhouse that designed to facilitate the future exploration and population of Mars. It takes care of a plant it carries inside it glass case, which is mounted on top of its four-legged pod. Will it invented as likely as “Wall E”.
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  StarWars inspired chopsticks and glasses

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 | In Inspiration & Innovative |

Kotobukiya, which is a world renown manufacturer of collectible items and toys company was announced the most innovative and fun Star Wars line of products, which are the light sabers chopsticks and Star Wars glasses.

Light sabers chopsticks were merge with the Japanese culture and Star Wars concept, suitable for eating sushi or put them as the decorative items in your house. It is about 9 inches long with blades cast in translucent material. The smaller size of the Yoda saber measures approximately eight inches long. Each set of the light sabers chopsticks was included the Star Wars logo of the chopstick rest.

Star Wars inspired chopsticks and glasses
You can enjoy the different design and colors of the chop stick for each Star Wars character. Feel the force in your dining table with this unique collection of the chop sticks.
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