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  Cardboard Home Cinema

Thursday, February 4th, 2016 | In Inspiration & Innovative | Tags: ,

The Cardboard Home Cinema is the ultimate cinema experience, in the comfort of your own home, and it is compatible with most popular smartphones and tablets. Users can lay back and watch your favorite films in total peace and comfort.

Cardboard Home Cinema
~ Cardboard Home Cinema ~

It comes with an optional cardboard audience insert for added realism, and users can simply assemble and easily folds back down when not in use. It recreates the interior of a cinema with alarming accuracy.
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  Griffin Technology new Survivor Bags

Sunday, January 31st, 2016 | In Inspiration & Innovative | Tags: ,

Griffin Technology, the creator of award-winning and thoughtfully designed mobile accessories, has announced a new collection of bags to its best-selling Survivor line. Survivor Backpack and Survivor Briefcase are TSA-compliant and offer crush-and-weather-proof protection for laptops, tablets and other tech, no matter how far off the beaten path life takes you.

Griffin Technology new Survivor Bags
~ Griffin Technology new Survivor Bags ~

Both Survivor Backpack and Survivor Briefcase boast enough room for all the gear users need, including a 15-inch laptop, full-size tablet and smartphone in padded, weatherproof compartments. Built with convenience and usability in mind, the main compartments are surrounded by an internal shatter-proof plastic shell and honeycombed sidewalls that provide impact protection and are sealed from rain, snow and sleet with weatherproof zippers.
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  28 best stickers for Apple MacBook

Friday, November 20th, 2009 | In Inspiration & Innovative | Tags:

Sometimes laptop is more than just a device, people are tend to decorate it with creative and beautiful stickers on the top of the laptop cover to show their own personal style or emotion on their laptop’s cover.

Different people has different preferences and style to makeover their laptop with some creative stickers. Apparently, those stickers not only use to enhance the stylish of the laptop but also use to prevent the laptop against scratch, abrasion and damage on the surface.

Below are some of the best Apple Macbook stickers. Some of the stickers are make by well-tested materials and printing technologies, some using the ultra-strong laminate to ensure the stickers last longer for your Apple Macbook. Some of these stickers will adhere to most smooth flat surfaces, easily removable and will not leave sticky residue.

1. Lego My Apple – Black
This sticker is approximately 4 inch height x 7 inch wide and come in black vinyl color. It fits for 13, 15 and 17 sizes of Apple Mackbook. It is available for $14.
Best Stickers for Apple MacBook 01
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  Innovative Sleepbox by Arch Group

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 | In Inspiration & Innovative | Tags:

Arch Group was established in year 2007, they are professional in architectural and interior design. They performs the full range of design work from the first consultations and concept development to final design and field supervision and most of their project are awarded with professional awards and publications in the press.

Recently, they had introduced their latest design Sleepbox and implemented in some public area such like International Airport of Paris, Beijing, Bangkok and so on. Sleepbox gives the advantageous for the public in this modern metropolis, where they are not a local resident and not have booked hotel. The intended primarily purpose of the Sleepbox is enables a person to sleep peacefully, while waiting for the plane or train.

Innovative Sleepbox by Arch Group 01
The Sleepbox provides moments of quiet sleep and rest from the city without wasting time searching for a hotel. Any person has an opportunity to spend the night safely and cheaply in case of emergency or when they have to spend few hours with their luggage.
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