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  Dishonest trickers, scams at KL

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 | In Other |

I have been working around one and half month at KL after switched from Petaling Jaya. During the first month, there were twice I made Chinese people from China who tried to borrow money from me, these were the absolute tricks and scams, lucky I not borrow even one cent to them, due to the experience I had long time ago (Cheated RM50 from a china man, who borrow from me, when I first came to KL, 2 years ago).

The tricks were very simple and classic.

1. First, they will ask you, “Do you know to speak Mandarin?”
2. Then, you will continue to say “They face some financial problem when reached Malaysia, do you mind borrow a few hundreds ringgits Malaysia for their dine and hotel fee, and they will double ~ triple return to you.”
3. Then, they will try to pretend and ask for your hand phone number and tell you that his/ her father is the president of some company at china, and money is transferring but need wait to morning that can get from the bank. So they will say no worry, next day will return the money to you.
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