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  Young & Obese

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Young & Obese
~ Young & Obese ~

Fat children who get help early see a slimmer future. Weight-loss programmes can help even very young children slim down and it appears that acting early may improve the odds of success, according to two European studies. Excessive pounds in childhood often stay into adulthood, where they have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. In one study, which appeared in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, scientists in the Netherlands found that heavy three to five year olds saw continued benefits from a weight-loss intervention at least several months after it ended.

A report from Sweden showed that overweight and obese children under 10 were much more likely to have slower weight gain than were adolescents getting similar behavioral treatments. What they are showing is a pretty consistent trend that if we were to intervene early, we could really have an effect on changing the trajectory of weight gain in children. There is mounting evidence that paying attention to young children may be a promising way to stem the global obesity epidemic.

The Dutch researchers studies 75 heavy children who had been randomly assigned to either usual care or an intensive weight-loss programme that lasted four months and involved 25 sessions with dietary advice, exercise and for the parents behavioral counseling. A year after the study began, children in the intervention group had gained 1.9kg on average and those who got usual care had added another 3kg.
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  Keeping a steady balance

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Keeping a steady balance
~ Keeping a steady balance ~

A well-developed sense of balance helps prevent falls and consequent injuries. It also lends confidence be it in sports such as roller-blading, on rain-slicked side-walks or while riding a bus or train.

Simple balance exercises once or twice a week are helpful in this regard. It is recommended the following exercises.

1. Exercise 1: Stand straight, legs and feet together, on a flat surface. Close your eyes and count to 45.
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  Ten ideas to get your kids to eat their veggies

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Ten ideas to get your kids to eat their veggies
~ Ten ideas to get your kids to eat their veggies ~

To make getting more vegetables in your kids’ diet in your 2012 resolution and succeed with help from Brian Wansink, the director of New York’s Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, who headed up a study of the best way to get your children to eat more vegetables.

Here, he shares 10 powerful tips for encouraging your children to eat their veggies:
1. Model your veggies: if you eat your veggies then your kids will eat theirs too. Research suggests the chances a child eats recommended amounts of healthy foods double if their parents do.

2. Stock the freezer: Try fresh vegetables in frozen form to get your kids’ favorite vegetables all year around. Kids love carrots, corn and peppers – all easy-to-prep options to keep in your “frozen pantry”.

3. Give kids a choice: Just giving kids a couple of options could mean more veggies. Kids may prefer carrots to celery (they choose carrots 90% of the time, in a recent study) but when the choice was offered, they ate 18% more than when carrots were the only option.

4. Power kids’ plates: Help kids create their own veggie-powered plate; fill half the plate with fruits and veggies. The plate size (and even design) can affect how much kids eat. Research shows that large plates and certain plate designs can cause people to take an extra 20% or more without knowing it.

5. Play the name game: Several school studies have shown that veggie sales increase as much as 27% after carrots become “X-Ray vision carrots” and broccoli turns into “broccoli bites”. Come up with your own veggie names, or challenge the family to “name that vegetable”.
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  Pleasure from social media

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Pleasure from social media
~ Pleasure from social media ~

Posting views on social media sites delivers a powerful reward to the brain similar to the pleasure from food and sex, a Harvard study concludes. The study was concluded that “self-disclosure” produces a response in the region of the brain associated with dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure or the anticipation of a reward.

The researchers said most people devote 30% to 40% of their speech to informing others of their own subjective experiences but that on social media, this is closer to 80%. They conclude that humans so willingly self-disclose because doing so represents an event with intrinsic value, in the same way as with primary rewards such as food and sex.
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