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  10 unusual and the most expensive taxi ever

Monday, August 17th, 2009 | In Great Cars Series | Tags: ,

Taxi or cabs are one of the essential part of the city transportation system. They provide the service to driving people to their destination. Different country has different design of the taxi or cabs.

Below are some of the luxury and the most expensive taxi around the world. The ultimate purpose is to create a comfortableness for the passengers, to enjoy the first class city trip from one location to another. Customers will end up with the unforgettable memory on enjoying the drive and the highest price they need to pay for the taxi’s fee.

Taxi 01
To commemorate the old Ford “Crown Victoria”, the card designer try to come out with a different taxi design. This cab assembly was inspired by the bike with the high grip for its four wheels.

Taxi 02
A great Lamborghini Murcielago in taxi version. It has the powerful engine, which its engine displacement up to 6.5 liter, it can perform up to 633 horsepower and drive from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. It is the world powerful taxi.
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  2010 Toyota IQ

Sunday, June 14th, 2009 | In Great Cars Series |

Toyota is launching a thrifty Earth friendly micro car called IQ. This morning I was received an email from my friend about the future new Toyota IQ. In my first impression on the photos, I thought it was Perodua Myvi but obviously It was the new series of micro car car from Toyota.

This new design of the micro car is really unique from Toyota. Though it is going to be designed for Europe and Japan, where the Toyota IQ could come stateside with Scion badges to help consumer cope with soaring fuel prices and growing urban congestion. This micro car was billed as an “Intelligent solution to urban transport”, the Toyota IQ was designed at Toyota’s ED2 studio in southern France, but will be built in Japan starting late this year.

According to the Toyota’s official website, Toyota hopes to sell 100k in year 2009. Europe and Japan are the intended markets, but Toyota IQ is being whispered for U.S. sales as a 2010 model. In term of the full specifications; Toyota has not yet to disclose, but says the Toyota IQ will initially offer a choice of two gasoline engines, likely a 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder and a small diesel.

Toyota also points to several space-saving innovations for this micro car. Starting with a smaller front differential that allows optimal power train positioning in concert with a new “center-point” steering gear. A compact flat fuel tank tucks safely beneath the rear floor. In turn, allowed using a slim-line dashboard/ center console that sweeps away so front occupants can sit further forward without being cramped. The heating/ air conditioning components were also redesigned to be less intrusive without compromising function.

Below are some photos I received from my email.

Exterior Designs
Exterior Designs 1
Exterior Designs 2
Exterior Designs 3
The 2010 Toyota IQ is aimed at urban customers who want a fuel-efficient runabout.
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  2010 Honda Insight Hybrid

Friday, April 24th, 2009 | In Great Cars Series |

The 2010 Honda insight hybrid concept car had been introduced by the Honda Motor company many years ago. It is the first in a line of the next generation fuel efficient cars, with a sleek body that boasts one of the most aerodynamic designs of all time and also combined 83 horse-power from its gasoline-electric drive train.

Since the 2010 Honda insight hybrid launched on Earth day 22nd April 2009, many people have talking about this series of cars with its cutting-edge technology like the Eco Assist fuel economy monitoring system and regenerative braking system with the starting price of $19,800, which is their goal to offer an affordable, practical car that everyone could drive.

Image Gallery Show
When I first see the insight hybrid’s photos from the Honda official website, it is really impressive me with the interior system design, safety systems, the integrated Motor Assist gasoline/ electric hybrid technology, especially the flash movie clip of the 2010 Honda insight hybrid.

The gas/ electric hybrid is really just the next step forward in the evolution and advancement of the internal-combustion of the engine, it is the effective car while maintaining its functionality, looks and performance.

Exterior Photos of the 2010 Honda insight hybrid.
Image Gallery Exterior 01

Image Gallery Exterior 02

Image Gallery Exterior 03

Image Gallery Exterior 04

Image Gallery Exterior 05

Image Gallery Exterior 06

Image Gallery Exterior 07

Image Gallery Exterior 08

Interior Photos of the 2010 Honda insight hybrid.
Image Gallery Interior 01
The USB audio interface is used for direct connection to and control of some current digital audio players and other USB devices that contain MP3, WMA or AAC music files.

Image Gallery Interior 02
The Honda Satellite-Linked navigation system is available on the EX model in the United States, except Alaska.

Image Gallery Interior 03
It is stylish, aerodynamic and fun with its,
Exterior look.
1. Aerodynamic design.
2. Futuristic styling.
3. Distinctive LED brake lights.

Hybrid inner life
1. Impressive audio system.
2. 60/ 40 split fold-down rear for maximum space.
3. Sophisticated multi-information display.

Efficiency Einstein
1. Eco Assist can boost fuel efficiency.
2. Improved Honda integrated motor assist IMA system.
3. 1.3 liter i-VTEC engine.

Honda insight hybrid will be a 5-door, 5-passenger hatchback whose design and it will be smaller than a Honda Civic and half-size smaller than the Toyota Prius hybrid as well. It could save your cost at fuel economic as high as 60 miles per gallon.


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