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  AirAsia Citibank Credit Card, Benetton Bag Campaign

Sunday, November 9th, 2008 | In Credit Cards & Rewards, News & The Events |

Last week I have visited to AirAsia official website hunt for the cheaper air tickets back to Kuching at year 2009. At that time, I was not intentionally saw the AirAsia Citibank Credit Card promotion from their website. Until that time I had just realized that they are having the Benetton Bag Campaign, which means upon the approval of your AirAsia Citibank credit card, card holder will get a free united colors of Benetton cabin sized trolley bag that worth RM550 PLUS stand a chance to win an apple iPod nano. I have just applied for this credit card because of the FREE gift that worth RM550, if I am not able to get this free gift either in the term of the gift out of stock or not qualified, I think i will cancel this card or never activate after got this credit card.

I knew this AirAsia Citibank credit card was launched at July 2007. According to the news, AirAsia Bhd hopes to sign up one million card holders for this credit card but no time frame was set. The credit card will enable member to earn one AirAsia point for every RM1 spent on their card for daily purchases and points collected are evergreen. These points can be converted into AirAsia vouchers, which can be used to redeem free flights, airport taxes, fuel surcharges, administrative fees and purchase of Xpress boarding. Cardholders will also be entitled to special privileges and access to low-fare seats during the sales.

Benetton Bag
This is the Benetton cabin sized trolley bag that worth RM550.

Below is the terms and conditions for this campaign from their official website.
1. AirAsia-Citibank credit card – Campaign will run from 20 October 2008 to 30 November 2008.

2. The Campaign is open to any person who seeks to apply for a principal Citibank credit card during the Campaign Period through Citibank online or SMS such like (a) Online or (b) SMS.

3. In conjunction with the Campaign, every successfully approved Citibank credit card application will entitle the Customers to a Gold and/or Standard card with one year annual fee waiver and in addition receive one of the following Reward:
(a) The first 700 Customers: one unit of United Colors of Benetton Trolley Bag (UCB 20″ PVC Cabin Size Trolley C30 66985).
(b) The subsequent Customers: one RM50 AirAsia e-Gift Voucher.

4. The following terms and conditions apply to the Reward:
(a) the United Colors of Benetton Trolley Bag will be delivered to the Customers’ mailing address as stated in the credit card application form by January 2009 upon successful approval of Customers’ credit card application.
(b) The AirAsia e-Gift Voucher will be delivered to the Customers’ email address as stated in the credit card application form within six to eight weeks upon successful approval of Customers’ credit card application.

5. In addition to the above, every 20th successfully approved Customer will be entitled to one free unit of Apple iPod nano 4Gb OR one free unit of Apple iPod shuffle 1Gb (“Free Gift”). This will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. Only 100 units of Apple iPod nano 4Gb and 300 units of Apple iPod shuffle 1Gb respectively are made available for this Campaign. Each 20th successfully approved Customer is only entitled to one Free Gift. More information from their website.

Other information:
Free annual fee for the first year. After that the annual fee will be RM70 for the AirAsia Master Card; RM180 for the AirAsia Gold Master card. NIL for Supplementary card; RM5 monthly fee (principal only) if swipe less than 2 transactions (retail & cash advance) in preceding month. For the gold card holders, they can Charge their flight to their gold card and get free travel insurance of up to RM500,000. Redemptions can be made via and it is subject to AirAsia voucher terms and conditions.

It is easy to apply for this credit card by just fill in your IC and hand phone number at this url, then the citibank representative will call you next business working day. Please read all the terms and conditions as well as the requirements; fees and charges before apply this card to ensure you are comfortable for their requirements.

This is NOT the sponsored post, only an information for sharing.

  Best overall credit card at Mega Credit

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 | In Credit Cards & Rewards, Just For Reviews |

In this advanced technology age, having a credit card is getting important no matter you are a businessman, student or a professional person, because credit card always gives you the convenient way to pay your bills, online transactions, prior online booking for the air tickets/ products in front of your computer.

Choosing the right credit card that suit your needs is the initial step to get your desired credit card. The are lot of aspects to be considered before apply the right balance transfer credit card that really can help you to save a lot. At Mega Credit, there is an one stop credit cards center with a list of the best credit cards from different categories and aspects. They can help you to make a wise choice to find the best credit cards, with the most acceptable credit option regardless of your credit history.

As a credit card holder, we always seek for the credit card that has low Annual fee; type of the rewards (Points; Miles; Cash back); as well as the low annual percentage rate (APR, used to calculate the amount of the interest charged on the balance of a credit card). So, the lowest of the APR mean the lowest you can save from your credit card expenses. At Mega Credit, you can find a list of zero percentage balance transfer cards.

Besides these, Mega Credit is the best credit card resource center, you can find most of the credit card information from the website. You can get yourself being educated how to efficiently and smartly using the credit cards, It gives you the best approach to utilize your credit cards and knowledge of credit cards to be financially well grounded and let you benefit from it. They provide the Credit Card Finder to assist you in finding the best credit cards you desired and they also having the balance transfer saving tool to help you determine which balance transfer deal suits for you, it is easy to use tool by select the options and answer a few short questions.

For more information, please visit for the website for your desired credit cards and start learn the greatest saving tips revealed from their website.

  Credit Eligibility and Credit Report Online

Saturday, October 18th, 2008 | In Credit Cards & Rewards, Just For Reviews |

Before apply your first or another credit cards from any banks or agents, it is good for you to know how the credit card eligibility is determined and the ways to improve your eligibility toward the credit cards you planned to apply and own it. You may find more information about credit eligibility at

The important of the credit report and credit scores that might constitutes the credit worthiness for you and make sure you are eligible for the credit cards when you own it. For example, when you purchase something on credit, the credit card company will makes periodic reports to one or more credit reporting agencies or credit bureau, those agencies keep records of your credit history such like
1. How many credit cards you have.
2. How many loans you have taken out.
3. How much you owe on each credit card.
4. How good you are at paying your bills on time.
5. Any payments that you have made late.
6. Any payments that you have missed.
7. If you have ever declared for bankruptcy.
8. If you have ever defaulted on a loan.
9. If there has ever been a judgment against you for unpaid debts.
10. If you are black listed from any credit card’s company.

Beside these credit history, some of the things that might cause you lose your credit score, such like
1. Making late payments or missing payments.
2. Defaulting on a loan.
3. Having too many credit cards.
4. Presenting too much debt on your credit cards.
5. Presenting too many loans
6. Apply a lot of credit cards in a short time.

As your request, credit bureaus provides you with a summary of your financial activity report, then you can learn if you possess bad, fair, good or excellent points on you credit score. If your credit score is too low, credit card company might refuse to give you credit cards; whereas if you have no credit history at all, they also may decide not to give you credit cards depending on other factors in your credit history.

If you are not eligible for good credit cards but demanding to apply, you can look for fair credit cards, because they are issued right for people with average credit score and splendid chance to improve credit score as well. Please visit to the website to learn more about the credit score, find the right credit cards at and build your credit eligibility with them.

  Best Rate visa credit card applications

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 | In Credit Cards & Rewards, Just For Reviews |

Nowadays, apply visa or credit card is getting easy, there is not hassle and troublesome issues such like waiting your credit card to be approved; bunch of personal documents required for verification and you can choose to apply your desired visa or credit cards through online application.

Before you make your mind to apply credit cards online, you might need some useful information, resource, in order to get the best rated credit cards for your needs, and somehow you might interest to know about the no credit history deals for your credit cards. They are offering the best deals on no credit cards for their customers, this deals are specially for students or teenagers who need to establish credit. This kind of credit card deals is called as secured credit card deals.

Normally, people would like to find out more information about the credit cards with several facts such like low interest; instant approval; bad credit offered; rewards; cash back or monetary benefit; balance transfer and more, these information you could find at their website. At best rate credit card applications website, you can make your search and decision more effectively based on the information their provided and you will able to get more relevant information that you are looking for from their website, take a visit to search for the best rate credit that suit for your business and enrich your online shopping experiences.


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