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  Creative E-M Electronic Melody Lamp design

Sunday, July 24th, 2011 | In Creative & Collections | Tags: ,

Yanko Design has recently posted a new creative and innovative E-M Electronic Melody Lamp, which is perfect tool for decorative and functional use. The Electronic Melody Lamp created from biodegradable materials, LED light and a solar panel.

Creative E-M Electronic Melody Lamp design
~ Creative E-M Electronic Melody Lamp design ~

Users can twist and adjust the luminous lamp lines in different shapes and design upon their imagination. And the Electronic Melody Lamp not only lighting in various shapes but it can be useful as decoration for different occasions, party or some events.
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  Sony PlayStation 4 concept

Friday, September 18th, 2009 | In Creative & Collections | Tags: ,

The PlayStation was the games series of console and hand-held game devices that was first created and released by Sony Corporation in Japan. Since the last release of PlayStation 3 in Japan on 11 November, 2006. It was sold 81,639 units within 24 hours of its release, this was the great impressive result for its release.

Since many years ago, the PS4 concept have introduced by many sources. One of the most impressive concept design of the PS4 was designed by Tai Chiem. This new PS4 is slimmer than the PS3, the CD ROM has been replaced and a gloss cover that can be customized. The PS4 seems to have an embedded OLED screen to makes it more stylish and model look. The transparent touchscreen of the PS4 is allow users to navigate the game and menu selection.

Below are the PS4 concept from the creative designer.

PlayStation 4 game console
PlayStation 4 game console 1
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  Best products design with art

Friday, August 21st, 2009 | In Creative & Collections | Tags: ,

The creativity and innovative ideas on products design are challenging. Sometimes, an useful product that invented with proper and creative art design will definitely increase its market value as well as attractiveness to the customers.

How well of your imagination and art design that can be applied to certain products or tools that we use daily. For example, electronics devices, office equipments, food and beverages’ tools, house interior beauty accessories and so on.

Let Art. Lebedev Studio showcase their creative industrial products design with art (real and concept of the products).

Georgius cocktail sticks
Georgius cocktail sticks 1

Georgius cocktail sticks 2
Turn the coat of arms of Moscow into a party accessory. It is designed to depict Saint George with a spear that can pierce through anything from fruit to canape.
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  7 timepiece and electronic devices you may like it

Thursday, August 6th, 2009 | In Creative & Collections, Electronic Gadgets | Tags: ,

A Basic functionality for the watch and clock is to let you know the time. Sometimes, we might expect extra functionality that watch and clock to have. The combination of watch and latest advanced technology may give the users more flexibility and convenient when using it for other purpose such like edit photos, make a call, check you heart pulse or even listen to the music.

Below are some innovative and creative wrist watch the combine with the latest technology. All these innovative products are from Neutrano.

An intelligent alarm clock that listen to your voice to set the alarm, choose to snooze and ask for the date. iTalk is the first household appliances to use TimeSet voice technology to activate and schedule a sequence of action that you wish the alarm to woke you up at the morning. iTalk can understand any English speaking voice.

iTalk has its featured with voice control, manual update easy-viewing two-inch LED number, an eight to nine-minutes snooze function, dimmer, battery backup and an AC adapter. It measure 8 inches (203mm) wide, 4.25 inches (108mm) high and 3/4 inch (34mm) deep.
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