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  The XML Challenge

Sunday, November 30th, 2008 | In Contests Announced, Just For Reviews |

This will be a great news for all the XML/ XQuery language developers. There is a International DB2 Users Group ~ IDUG contest/ competition especially for the students, professional, hobbyists and anyone who like programming and wish to participate the contest to challenge themselves with others for the great prizes.

Prize for XML Contest
The grant prizes for each categories of the contest.

There are three categories of the contest open for public to participate.
1. The video mania contest. This contest is opened to both students and professional developers. You are required to invent a creative use of XML, XQuery or DB2 then record the whole process as a video format file then submit it before 28 February 2009.

2. The query challenge contest. It is a way for you to learn the XML and query language that related to DB2 and make use of your knowledge into practice, you challenge is to apply the knowledge to the real life through witting queries to find the multiple choice answers in an XML version of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) world fact book. you can use the XQuery to find five answers, and the best queries has written will able to win the grant prize.

3. The programming contest, and this contest is only open for students and maximum persons within the team is four members. The most important thing on the programming is the data, while XML is pervasive in the way data in stored, exchanged, analyzed, transferred and also being processed. DB2 9 is the first of its data server to store both relational and XML data side by side. So this is a challenge for those participants to build an application that uses IBM’s breakthrough technology, they need to explain to the judges how to install, run and evaluate their application, and point out the advantages of the pure XML or XML technologies that has been built by themselves.
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  Public Bank, PB SMS2 Win Contest

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 | In Contests Announced, Download Or Not |

Two days ago, I was received an email from Public bank, about the SMS to win contest. Most of the time when I received an email about a contest from any bank or company, I will just ignore it, but this time the contest seems special and easy to participate.

pb sms2win contest 1
There is no entry forms; no slogans; no purchases for this contest. Just two steps, by using your hand phone key in PB <space> [Your IC No] <space> [Optional Email Address] and send to 36018, then you are successfully registered your entry for this contest. An acknowledgment sms will be replied just within a few seconds after you sent to 36018.

Only one sms you need to send, sending one than one SMS will waste your money because additionally RM0.30 will be charged plus normal telecommunication charges for each sms you sent to 36018.

pb sms2win contest 2
According to the information from public bank website there are more than 1,133 prizes to be won and also the terms about this contest as listed below.

1. This contest period started at 1st October and close before 31 December 2008.
2. Each participant is entitled to win one prize during the contest.
3. Eligibility
Participant must be aged 18 years old and above and must open and/ or maintain at least one of the following accounts during the contest period.
I. Deposits/ Load account
II. Credit/ Debit card account
III. Structured investment account
IV. PB series unit trust account
V. Bancassurance account
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  Nuffnang and TGI Friday Coupons

Thursday, March 13th, 2008 | In Contests Announced |

After a long time that asked by Nuffnang’s representative to redeem my TGI Friday’s dinner coupons that worth RM100 from their office, eventually until last week, I went to Nuffnang office to collect my coupons that I won from the TGI Friday’s contest, which I participated at 14th October 2007.

It took me three times to get my coupons from Nuffnang office. Haha. Remember that the first time, I was travel to KL and search for Nuffnang office during weekend, that time I was at Pasar Seni area, and no one know the road called “Yap Ah Shak”. Second time, I was fully prepared by search the Map of KL, asked direction from Nuffnang representative then went to KL just after the following weekend, which was Sunday. I purposely spend some of my time to find out where their office located, eventually I found it, which is near the rail station of “Dang Wangi” and same building of Heritage House.

Third time, It was Tuesday of last week, I woke up early in the morning and took the bus at 7am to KL and get my coupon, because their business hours only at weekdays.

Nuffnang Office
This is the Heritage House, where Nuffnang office located. I took the lift and went to 13rd floor and went into their office to collect my coupon. Yeah! after hard search, eventually get it.

TGI Friday Coupon 1
Inside is the coupons, that enveloped will a nice fold, with the TGI Friday’s Logo on it.

TGI Friday Coupon 2
This is the dinner coupons, that allow the holder to have dine at TGI Friday’s or Italiannics restaurants. Each of the coupon worth RM50. It covers all the foods and drinks but not alcohols, services charge and government tax.

  TGI Fridays contest winner

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 | In Contests Announced, News & The Events |

A few months ago, Nuffnang was having a contest for their members, in order to win a free dinner at TGI Friday’s restaurant, Nuffnangers need to write a post about, why he/she want to eat at Friday’s, there are 50 Nuffnangers (Penang and KL) who will be chosen from the thousands posts as a winners of free dinner at TGI Friday’s. Probably the Grand prize of RM1,000 cash for one of the lucky Nuffnanger on the top of free meal at Friday’s.

A few months ago, I participated the Nuffnang, TGI Friday’s dinner contest. From my post about “Why i want to eat at friday’s“, I describe 6 reasons why I want to eat at Friday’s restaurant. After a month, I was thinking that i was not win the contest and gradually forgot about it, but 2 days ago, I was received an email from Nuffnang’s representative regarding that I won a free dinner coupon worth RM100 at TGI Friday’s restaurant.

Email received 2 days ago, that inform me to collect the free meal coupon at Nuffnang’s office. I will pick the coupon after my working days, probably this coming Saturday.haha

I am thinking, that will be the great meal at Fridays, so wait for my foods and beverages photos at TGI Fridays, after I visited the restaurant. Thinking of foods, make me more energy on works.


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