Apply Streamyx, Unifi, Celcom Broadband in Malaysia is an authorized TM reseller and agent in Malaysia. We help anyone within Malaysia to apply Streamyx, Unifi, Celcom Broadband and Telephone fixed line (House phone). We do all the registration works and get your house installed with Internet broadband by TM’s technicians and we do also answer all your inquiries and doubts about the Internet broadband (Before and After Registration/ Installation).

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Streamyx – Streamyx operates under Telekom Malaysia, or TM Net, Malaysia’s main telecommunication provider. The Streamyx broadband Internet service was launched in April 2001 at speed of 384 kbit/s. In June 2007, TM Net launched its 4 Mbit per second service at selected locations. Fiber optic services for internet broadband connection has also been rolled out by Streamyx in December 2009. While the current setup of the Internet landscape in Malaysia is being said to be inadequate in handling internet applications, this venture has proven to be effective and has led to more people subscribing for internet broadband connection plans. Read More on current Plans and Details.

Streamyx Broadband

Unifi – Unifi is a new service provided by TM Berhad the leading Integrated Telecommunications provider in Malaysia. UniFi is an amalgamation of “Uni” which denotes togetherness and camaraderie, while “Fi” symbolizes fibre optics. UniFi is a bundled triple play service offering High Speed Internet, HyppTV (IPTV) and Voice.

Unifi offers highest speed connection available in the market and this will enable you to tap into many services such as online games, downloadable rich content, virtual interaction (video calls) and an enriched shopping experience (rich multimedia virtual shopping, real time merchant tips). UniFi provides more stable and reliable connections to ensure a premium customer experience. Read More on current Plans and Details.

Streamyx Broadband

Celcom Broadband – Celcom Broadband is Malaysia’s No.1 Mobile Broadband Provider, with 857,000 subscribers in 2010. The broadband network cover 71% of Malaysia populated areas. Celcom Broadband was awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Broadband Provider for two years. Read More on current Plans and Details.

Streamyx Broadband

Why do you need to register Internet broadband behalf of you?
1. We help you do all the registration, installation works behalf you.
2. We try our best to answer all the questions and doubts for the application.
3. We assist you in whatever you need. Terms and conditions may apply when necessary.

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