Meitu Launches T8, The World’s Smartest Selfie Phone

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Meitu, Inc, a leading mobile internet company with its apps installed on more than 1.1 billion unique devices, today unveiled Meitu T8, the world’s most sophisticated selfie phone featuring DSLR camera features and new, proprietary facial recognition technology. With the launch of Meitu T8, the first in the brand-new Meitu T series, Meitu, Inc. once again steps up its game by introducing a revolutionary mix of technology for selfies: a pioneering, dual pixel front camera fitted with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) technology, plus AI beautification technology never-before-seen in the industry.

Meitu Launches T8
~ Meitu Launches T8 ~

Meitu T8 will come in four fashion-forward colors: Magical Orange, Jazz Gold, Dazzling Blue, and Diamond Grey. It will be the first smartphone to bring Dual Pixel PDAF technology to the front camera, offering photo quality and performance similar to DSLR cameras. The back camera features a 21-megapixel camera while the selfie-side camera will include a stunning 12 dual pixel quality camera. Meitu T8 includes auto-focus, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization, Meitu’s proprietary noise-reducing ISP and smart fill light, meaning that selfie photos will automatically focus and form quickly; capturing every detail with sharper results, even in challenging low-light conditions.

Since launching its first photo editing app in 2008 and first selfie smartphone in 2013, Meitu, Inc. has grown to become the leader in mobile AR (Augmented Reality), virtual try-on and facial recognition, with an enormous database enabling its technology to easily identify human faces across all its products. Deeply integrated into the Meitu T8 photo experience will be a new technology called Magical AI (Artificial Intelligence) Beautification that will not only detect different faces and various skin tones, but also the gender and age of everyone in the photo.

This means that in group shots, Meitu T8’s AI Beautification will apply different effects specific to women, men and children. The phone’s AI Beautification is capable of several beautification functions such as whitening teeth, eliminating under eye bags, smoothing skin and adding radiance to the face and applying stylish filters. Additionally, Meitu T8 also offers powerful real-time beautification for videos. Meitu T8 will feature the same unique, hexagonal (6-sided) design Meitu devices are famous for – with smooth rounded edges and a full metallic body fitting comfortably in the palm of a hand.

The standard version of Meitu T8 will come in four fashion-forward colors: Magical Orange, Jazz Gold, Dazzling Blue, and Diamond Grey. A special version co-designed by Chinese celebrity Angelababy will also be available in Phantom Black. Meitu T8 comes with the newest MEIOS3.5 system, offering hundreds of convenient features such as private albums, backup manager, private apps, a secure “find my Meitu phone” function, and a smart private home screen cleanup function. Simple-to-use and highly functional, Meitu T8 also comes with an enormous 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM combination as well as a ten-core processor. It is compatible with networks from all major mobile service providers in China, and supports fast charging and Hi-Fi functions.

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