ZEPP debuts personalized Smart Coach System

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Zepp, the world’s best-selling digital sports training device, announces Zepp 2, the next generation of its sensor and software for golf and baseball-softball. The new device features the revolutionary Smart Coach system that empowers athletes to train smarter and improve faster than ever before. Users simply take a few swings, then Zepp diagnoses areas to improve, and offers personalized training programs based on each individual’s swing data.

ZEPP debuts personalized Smart Coach System
~ ZEPP debuts personalized Smart Coach System ~

The training programs come from the best players and coaches in each sport. The Smart Coach training system starts with the instant evaluation feature. A user simply takes a few swings and Zepp 2 analyzes thousands of data points to diagnose what the player is doing well and where they have room for improvement. Based on each individual’s swing data, Zepp 2 recommends the right training program for their swing. When a user completes the training program, they can take another instant evaluation to see their improvement in real time.

Smart Coach takes the guesswork out of training and instantly identifies where to focus efforts with personalized programs from the pros. In addition to training programs focused on swing mechanics, the new Zepp 2 app also introduces fitness-training plans that help users increase flexibility and core strength to become well-rounded athletes. Each training plan in the Smart Coach feature is available to all Zepp app users, even those without a sensor.

As users complete training programs to perfect their swings, Zepp makes it simple to post progress, upload photos, custom captions, and share across social media channels. App users can be part of a larger community in the Zepp 2 news feed within the app to share and view other player and professional athlete data. Zepp 2 is also a great tool for coaches of baseball, softball, and golf, allowing them to manage players, track their improvement, and show their athletes their swing in a way they have never seen it before. A new addition exclusive to baseball-softball is the ‘Track Your Season’ feature that can be utilized by individual players as well as coaches to see how individuals are progressing.

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