Riley, a movable smart security companion to love

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Riley is your smart and mobile companion to monitor your house in real-time video. Unlike most home security devices, Riley is mobile. Using its rugged tank treads, Riley can travel on any surface without getting stuck. If flipped over, Riley can automatically stand up and continue moving along.

Riley, a movable smart security companion to love
~ Riley, a movable smart security companion to love ~

Featuring a 5 megapixel HD Camera, motion detection and night vision, Riley is your trusted security guard. If any motion has been detected, Riley will send an alert to your smartphone. In addition, Riley can be controlled from anywhere in the world from the smartphone app. Through the integrated microphone and speaker, Riley allows you to be in two places at once. With Riley, you can comfort your new puppy, or video chat with loved ones in high resolution video and audio.

In addition, Riley includes a unique docking station to provide quick charging. When low on battery, Riley can automatically navigate and return to the dock for charging. The docking station also doubles as a rotatable perch that can be controlled remotely. Not only is Riley an innovative solution to home safety, Riley is also very popular with children.

Its durable and non-toxic shell ensures that tumble after tumble, Riley is ready for another day. The simple and intuitive controls are designed for all ages. With easy to swap treads in multiple colors, customize your Riley to match your personality. Riley is now available for pre-order exclusively on Indiegogo for $159 USD until May 15, 2016. Pre-orders will begin shipping as early as July 2016. After the campaign completes, Riley will be available online and in-stores for $229 USD.

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