Owlet Baby Care announces Android Version of Smart Baby Monitor

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Owlet Baby Care has announced the Android-compatible version of its smart baby monitor will be released June 6. The Owlet Monitor, which uses hospital technology designed to alert parents if their baby stops breathing, also allows parents to view live vitals via a simple app on their smartphone, which has only been available on iOS since the product’s launch last year.

Owlet Baby Care new Android Version of Smart Baby Monitor
~ Owlet Baby Care new Android Version of Smart Baby Monitor ~

The release of Android compatibility will enable even more parents to use the Owlet Monitor, empowering them with hospital technology made appropriate for the home. The Owlet Monitor with its current iOS companion app has been incredible.

More than a dozen families have shared stories of being alerted by the monitor when their babies stopped breathing, allowing them to intervene. Owlet will run a private beta test period on the Android version prior to the public release.

Owlet has miniaturized hospital technology—pulse oximetry—into a baby sock, the Owlet Smart Sock, that connects via bluetooth low energy to a Base Station, designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. The Base Station connects via Wi-Fi, and sends vitals data to your smartphone so parents can monitor from down the hall, across town or around the world. The Owlet Monitor currently sells for $249.99 on OwletCare.com.

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