Loopd releases World’s First Engagement Sensor For Events

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Loopd, the leading event engagement management company, has announced the release of its second-generation wireless sensor designed for attendee networking, content exchange and activity tracking. The new wearable sensor uses Loopd’s advanced and patented Bluetooth Low-Energy proximity features to enable the first split-second, passive wireless exchange of mission-critical information at conferences.

Loopd World's First Engagement Sensor For Events
~ Loopd World’s First Engagement Sensor For Events ~

Activated by a unique tactile touch feature, the one-inch-wide, dark-blue circular Loopd wearable incorporates a unique LED light pipe. Following a light touch by users, the flexible LED pipe emits a streaming yellow light top to bottom. This streaming light emission confirms that digital business cards, marketing materials and other mission-critical content have moved between sensors up to the Cloud.

With the release of our next-generation wearable sensor, Loopd offers the best way to advance the attendee experience, equally as important, conference organizers will see attendee networking rise dramatically because of its simplicity, utility and beauty. There is nothing like Loopd in the business community. Since launching at South By Southwest 2015, more than 10,000 corporate executives have shared digital contact information through Loopd’s first-generation, tap-based wearable sensor. These attendees were at major conferences organized by Cisco, Box, Intel, Twilio, MongoDB, Aderant, Metaswitch, Anaplan, Systemax and other prominent technology firms.

Attendee engagement is an integral part of what makes MongoDB events worthwhile, using Loopd creates new opportunities for our audience to interact with each other, our speakers, sponsors, and staff. Initially, the sensor will be released as a fob-like attachment for conference lanyards. Future releases will include a badge with a back clip and also an intelligent insert for a wristband. All form factors will include tactile touch, Bluetooth LE and LED light pipe.

Information via prnewswire.


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