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eCapture Technologies Inc., has announced a Kickstarter campaign for LyfieEye. It is the first truly affordable camcorder that plugs straight into Android phone ports (USB2.0 / 3.0 / TYPE-C) which allows users to preview, record and playback immersive spherical 360-degrees videos and photos that can then be shared directly to Facebook and YouTube for 360-degrees Spherical Views. It also syncs flawlessly with any VR headset currently available on the market without any technical lag. The direct microUSB plug-in makes a solid connection without interference. Plug, Record & Share.

eCapture Technologies new LyfieEye
~ eCapture Technologies new LyfieEye ~

LyfieEye can be used on Android smartphones by running the supporting app, LyfieView. The easy to use and elegant UI allows users to capture spherical 360-degrees content using their LyfieEye, and experience spherical 360-degrees video first-hand. Viewers can now see beyond what their viewfinders are aimed at and experience immersive, spherical 360-degrees content on their smartphones.

The proprietary technologies that empower LyfieEye include an innovative, seamless LyfieSense architecture which optimizes several specialist technologies: optical lenses, semiconductor image sensors, an image processing IC chip that was created specifically for synchronizing LyfieEye’s two lenses, the USB connector for USB 2.0 / 3.0 / Type-C, and software integration with smartphones. By tapping users’ smartphone capabilities like display, battery and external connectivity, redundant features and unnecessary costs have been eliminated.

Designed for long-lasting use, LyfieEye offers unparalleled quality using high-resistance material. From an aesthetic standpoint, the company uses advanced production techniques to make it sleek, light and ergonomic. The product comes with a supporting LyfieLink cable accessory that can be used to extend its reach by about 7 inches, as well as a USB-2.0 to USB-C converter. The product will be publicly available in retail stores by early 2017.

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