Casio’s Projectors Create Ideal Video Game Experience

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Casio America, Inc., the leading manufacturer of LampFree projectors, offers consumers the opportunity to take their gaming experience to the next level with its affordable and innovative solutions. In the gaming industry, it’s clear that enthusiasts are passionate about creating a complete experience to truly immerse themselves in the game to ensure that gamers are able to have great visuals and Casio projectors, such as our new XJ-F210WN, are the ideal tools due to their innovative features, bright images and affordable price.

Casio's Projectors Create Ideal Video Game Experience
~ Casio’s Projectors Create Ideal Video Game Experience ~

The XJ-F210WN is part of Casio’s award-winning Advanced Series line of projectors and has all of the features and performance that Casio’s customers have come to rely on, in a compact design at a more affordable price point. Powered by Casio’s LampFree technology, there is no need to replace expensive and hazardous mercury lamps which makes them more cost effective and safer for the environment. The XJ-F210WN also features a 20,000-hour estimated operating life and consumes half the amount of power per unit than traditional lamp-based projectors.

Power consumption at the brightest setting is only 180 watts and eco modes can reduce power consumption by up to 50 percent. Additionally, a dust resistant design is achieved by structuring the internal components into three blocks to shield the optical block from dust. This helps ensure that dust does not lower projection brightness, enabling it to operate consistently for a long time. The Casio XJ-F210WN is a WXGA model and reaches maximum brightness in as fast as five seconds from the time the power is switched on, eliminating the need to wait around while the mercury lamp warms up.

It also immediately powers off with just a touch of the button and can be used again right away when powered back on, without the need for a cool-down period. The Instant Light Control feature allows adjustment of projection brightness using the left and right keys on the projector itself or on the remote control. Furthermore, with the Intelligent Light Control feature, the XJ-F210WN senses ambient brightness in the room and automatically adjusts the projection brightness accordingly to ensure gamers will have stunning visuals any time of day and in any lighting conditions. When it comes to connectivity, the XJ-F210WN features two HDMI terminals as well as a USB power supply. Casio’s XJ-F210WN is now available through Casio’s network of authorized dealers and resellers. For additional information on Casio and its full portfolio of LampFree projectors.

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