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Anew Planner is a new and unique kind of planner book users probably have not seen anywhere else. It combines the best features of the infinitely erasable reusable whiteboard and the weekly, monthly, yearly schedule, and goal-setting planner into a compact, handy and portable book.

Anew Planner
~ Anew Planner ~

All pages are treated with a special dry-erasable, easy-to-wipe clean surface. Just like a whiteboard, users can effortless write, erase, redo, undo, and start Anew. The regular dry-erasable markers work great on our pages, just like on regular whiteboard.

From big-picture goals to small, actionable tasks, from making big plans to managing small to-dos, the Anew Planner keeps all that user should focus on in one place.

All the Anew books are great for everyday personal use, professional work, school and college timetabling, creative project planning, and much more. They also make useful and creative gifts for everyone.

Information via kickstarter.


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