YouTube introduces the Ultimate 360-degree Viewer

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YouTube has introduced its 360-degree video function in early 2015, which enables users to upload videos that show the surrounding are from all perspectives. The latest version of the YouTube app takes the video experience on the YouTube portal to another level.

YouTube new Ultimate 360-degree Viewer
~ YouTube new Ultimate 360-degree Viewer ~

Users can download the latest version of the app that allows them to select a new function, which is the VR (Virtual Reality) mode. It enables users to watch 360-degree movies with the Zeiss VR One glass and experience a deceptively real environment.

The Zeiss VR One is ideal for the 360-degree video function on YouTube and can thus further expand the enormous potential of VR glasses. The procedure is rather simple, as users only need the latest version of the YouTube app and one of the many 360-degree videos on YouTube.

Users only have to click the glasses symbol to show the video in the side-by-side format. The virtual experience begins as soon as the smartphone is placed in the Zeiss VR One, which enables to intuitively experience a new perspective by turning their heads.

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