X-Doria new KidGPS tracks child’s location

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X-Doria, the marker of kid-friendly products such as KidFit activity and sleep tracker for children ages 5 – 13, has announced its new KidGPS tracking system. The user-friendly KidGPS is a palm-sized tracking device that can easily be tucked in a child’s pocket or clipped on their backpack to ensure they are always in safe location.

X-Doria new KidGPS tracks child's location
~ X-Doria new KidGPS tracks child’s location ~

Parents can easily track their children direction on their smartphones via an iOS and Android app, which pinpoints the exact location of their child. The KidGPS app allows parents to setup Zones or GeoFences for their child and notifies the parents via SMS text when their child arrives or leaves certain location.

The KidGPS also features a handy Panic Alert button that sends the current location of the child to multiple devices to ensure children are always safe and can discreetly send a signal to parents if in trouble. Users can setup multiple devices to receive the KidGPS alerts on their phone allowing not only parents but also grandparents, babysitters or anyone else that takes care of the child to aware of the child location.

KidGPS battery lasts up to 7 days and can be easily recharged via the integrated micro-USB port. The device also comes with a belt clip and lanyard to easily wear or attach it to backpacks, clothing, suitcases and more. KidGPS is available for $99.99 with 3 months of tracking service at KidGPS.us. Additional plans offered include 12 months for $5.99/ month or 6 months for $7.99/ month.

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