Wren Sound Systems new V5US speaker

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Wren Sound Systems has released its Wren V5US, which is the first wireless speaker to combine officially certified versions of Apple AirPlay, DTS Play-Fi and aptX Bluetooth. The V5US embodies Wren’s beautifully minimalist design that sets a new standard for superior build quality, original wood cabinetry and elegant simplicity in wireless audio.

Wren Sound Systems new V5US speaker
~ Wren Sound Systems new V5US speaker ~

The Wren V5US boasts near-universal device compatibility featuring both AirPlay and Play-Fi technologies to enable Wi-Fi streaming from Apple iOS devices, Android devices and PCs running Mac or Windows. Users can also connect up to eight different Wren speakers to one network, and enjoy perfectly synchronized music in multiple locations throughout their home or office.

The V5US allows listeners to stream music to different zones from a single device as well as allowing multiple users to stream different songs to different rooms via separate mobile devices. The combination of DTS Play-Fi and Apple AirPlay in a single speaker opens loss-less Wi-Fi streaming to a broad array of popular smart devices.

The V5US is an extension of Wren’s V5 speaker platform, which has garnered vast critical claim from both reviewers and consumers nationwide for its superior build quality, sophisticated design, real wood cabinets and great sound. Wren Sound’s V5US is available for $499.

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