Wolverine Data new Wios-5.8 Wireless Speaker System

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Wolverine Data has designed the new wireless speaker system called as Wios-5.8, which incorporate both standard 5.8 Ghz wireless and Bluetooth technology. It comes with sleek form factor makes it an understatedly stylish component whether one is celebrating through the night or just quietly relaxing with a meditative soundscape.

Wolverine Data new Wios-5.8 Wireless Speaker System
~ Wolverine Data new Wios-5.8 Wireless Speaker System ~

It is an expandable and modular stereo surround sound experience that rivals anything else on the market and the Wios-5.8 is also an innovative new design that boasts every feature one might expect in a wireless stereo system. The benefit of the system is that it combines both standard wireless capability with a Bluetooth receiver in the transmitter.

The new Wios-5.8 features a normal range of 200 feet between transmitter and speakers with a clear line of sight, the transmitter can even send audio signals up to 262 feet via 5.8Ghz wireless. It is far enough to turn a large backyard into an arena of sound. The complete system also comes with three AC power adapters and an audio cable for connecting devices to the transmitter via a headphone jack.

The Wios-5.8 embodies portability, each speaker features a flip-up carry handle, however, it is their wireless capability. Wired speakers are inevitably fixed and sometimes even requiring holes to be drilled in walls. The Wios-5.8 offers the same fidelity of sound without the hassle of wires. The speaker system is also compatible with all major smartphones, MP3 players, stereo receivers, TVs and PCs.

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