Swimmo Smartwatch & personal swimming coach

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Swimmo is a smartwatch and personal swimming coach that launches on Kickstarter recently. Swimmo breaks down the barriers of current monitoring devices available to swimmers by offering personalized training and real time progress.

Swimmo Smartwatch & personal swimming coach
~ Swimmo Smartwatch & personal swimming coach ~

Swimmo helps swimmer’s train smarter by tracking distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned all from one simple, waterproof device. It is using the innovative technology to make sure that users stay within their ideal training zones by alerting them with vibrations when it is time to speed up or slow down.

Swimmo is the ideal tool for professional athletes, tri-athletes or anyone who is trying to improve their strength get in shape through swimming. This smartwatch that overcomes all the challenges using a wearable device underwater, swimmo focuses on developing the strength and power of muscles through customized training.

Swimmo features a built-in sensor that accurately measures heart rate directly from the users’ wrist. The smartwatch is than able to communicate messages such as slow down, keep the pace or speed up by using the IntensityCoach and PaceKeeper technologies to help the swimmers throughout the training session by sending vibrations of variable frequency.

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