Savant announces Savant Remote smart home technology

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Savant, the leader in smart home technology, has unveiled the Savant Remote, which combining the convenience of a universal remote with the power of home automation, the Savant Remote simplifies the entertainment experience for consumers, letting them control devices like Sonos, Apple TV, cable boxes, Roku, and even their lights from a single remote control.

Savant Remote smart home technology
~ Savant Remote smart home technology ~

The Savant Remote is part of the Savant’s new family of wireless devices, which also includes the Savant Host, Blaster and Lamp Controller, all designed in collaboration with award-winning design studio Ammunition. It utilizing the same cutting-edge technology found in Savant’s Pro line of luxury products, these affordable new devices make premium home automation available to everyone for the first time.

The Savant Remote offers consumers an unmatched interactive experience, users can control over 380,000 of today most popular entertainment devices and switch between their favorite. The high-resolution touch-screen eliminates the need for extra buttons by elevating additional controls when necessary. The control happen wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without requiring any line of sight between the Remote and the entertainment system.

Savant also introduced Savant Instant, an in-app guided setup for the new family of devices that gets users up and running in minutes. The app quickly walks users through each step of the setup process and help them connect all their entertainment devices without needing to know specific model types or model numbers. The Savant Remote with the Host entertainment package will cost about $499 and the Lamp controllers will be available separately from $99 each.

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