Samsung Electronics introduces Curved Monitor

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Samsung Electronics is introducing its 34-inch, 21:9 ultra-wide QHD curved monitor, which promises to reduce eye fatigue and provide more consistent picture quality to the users. This new and curved SE790C monitor provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

Samsung Electronics new Curved Monitor
~ Samsung Electronics new Curved Monitor ~

This curved monitor provides more uniform viewing distances from the center to the edges of the screen, which can lead to less eye fatigue for the viewer. The curved screen matches the natural curve of human eyes and create less distortion, reducing eye strain and providing a comfortable viewing experience.

The advantages of the curved display compared with flat displays are the wider viewing angle up to 10.3%, so the readability enhances as the viewing angle approaches 90 degrees. Also, the improved contrast ratio up to 3000 : 1 and 4ms (1/ 1000 second) response time. The superior eye comfort of SE790C curved monitor has been recognized by TUV Rheinland, which is a world leasing certification organization.

It comes with best 34-inch curved monitor’s technology and supports up to 3440 X 1440 ultra-wide QHD resolution. It also enables the panoramic-like viewing, making the screen seem larger than a flat screen of the same size. The vibrant picture with the brightness of 300 lit candles. It is unlike conventional monitors, color uniformity is maintained without distortion at any viewing position or angle in 178 degrees.

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