Ricoh unveils secured interactive whiteboard

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Ricoh has pushing the boundaries of information mobility with a new big-screen interactive whiteboard enabling collaboration with more than 160 onsite and remote participants at once. The new Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5510 is ideal for wide range of presentation and collaboration activities, including all-inclusive corporate strategy sessions, architectural reviews, education, interactive, training sessions, legal team case development and more.

Ricoh new and secured interactive whiteboard
~ Ricoh new and secured interactive whiteboard ~

Presenters can create drawings, review designs, edit documents and share meeting notes on a 55-inch diagonal HD screen, incorporating interactive content from their PCs or thumb drives. The Ricoh D5510’s streamlined tablet-like design enables even first-time users to easily write, draw, edit, move, resize and save content via intuitive touch-screen controls. There is no software downloads, calibration or training is required.

The presenters can invite up to 168 participants to view images and information via a virtual private network connecting up to eight Ricoh D5510s. Annotations made on one Ricoh D5510 appear instantaneously on the other seven and throughout the audience connected to them. Users can easily print, save or email the content from the screen, the whiteboard’s 1920 X 1080 dpi resolution provides optima clarity for detail created by the pen or presented in drawing or schematics.

Participants can log into the Ricoh D5510 whiteboard sessions via password, and all the data is erased from the whiteboard after the presentation is closed. This help to protect the user’s most critical business information. The Ricoh D5510 is a simple to operate firmware-based system that is more resistant to intrusion. It features a soft-touch nib and erase function in the base, enabling fine lines that are critical for marking up engineering and other detailed documents.

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