Pronto universal Smart Remote

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Pronto, a small but mighty device that turns the iPhone into personalized universal smart remote, is now available at the select Best Buy Stores nationwide. Pronto can be paired with the Peel Smart Remote app, lets the users to control their TV, set-top boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players and thousands of other entertainment devices.

Pronto universal Smart Remote
~ Pronto universal Smart Remote ~

After paired the iPhone to Pronto, users can use the Peel app to check their cable TB guide without even turning on their TV. The app will show the users on what is airing in real-time, what they can watch later and even the popular shows people are buzzing about on Twitter.

Users can set their favorite channels, genres and shows to create their own personalized TV guide. They do not even have to spend time scrolling through the guide, because as the Peel app learns their viewing habits, it will automatically present content that users will be interested in right on their home screen.

The TV guide is no longer just on the TV, it is in users’ hand. The Peel app allows users to keep up with all their favorite programs, sending them reminders to watch all the season’s hottest shows and sports games. Live TB, DVR and streaming media area all at their fingertips.

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