Kraftwerk, the innovative portable power plant

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Kraftwerk is a totally new energy supply technology for mobile electronic devices. It is efficient and remains independent from the power grid. Kraftwerk enables user to generate their own energy using a small, handy device in such large amounts that they can run their iPhone, tablet or even their GoPro camera for weeks.

Kraftwerk, the innovative portable power plant
~ Kraftwerk, the innovative portable power plant ~

It is amazingly small and highly efficient, completely independent of any power grid or wall outlet. It can supply power reliably anywhere and at any time by using the new and pioneering fuel cell technology. And it gives the user an invaluable advantage both in everyday life and even when traveling to elsewhere.

The principle of the Kraftwerk is simple as it is ingenious. Fuel cells convert chemical energy directly into electrical energy at any time, silently and without harming the environment. This is a technology that will change the future for everyone.

It is unlike standard battery technology and Kraftwerk no longer needs to be connected to the power grid to recharge and it also gives users unlimited freedom and enables unheard-of operating times for their devices.

Information via kickstarter.


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