Ecoisme new Intelligent Home Energy Monitoring System

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Ecoisme is the World’s most intelligent home energy monitoring system that providing consumer and homeowners with a simplified solution for cutting energy consumption and household costs. This smart home energy system detects the usage of all home appliances, provides real-time alerts when devices are left powered on and coaches users to reduce energy consumption.

Ecoisme new Intelligent Home Energy Monitoring System
~ Ecoisme new Intelligent Home Energy Monitoring System ~

Ecoisme has powerful and complex technology and it is the smartest energy monitoring solution up to date. It is also extremely easy to use and it was designed with simplicity in mind. First, place the clamp on the main power line and insert the plug into the power outlet. From there, users can access the Ecoisme dashboard through the user-friendly mobile app or web interface and receive a full breakdown on the energy consumption for each household device.

Ecoisme can single out all of the home appliances, check the energy efficiencies and suggest the best ways for users to save the energy. Ecoisme will send critical alerts to users’ mobile device if appliances such as their iron, electric oven or AC have been left on. Within the dashboard, parents can view their Ecoisme profile to monitor their children’s activities and view when the TV or Xbox are being used.

Ecoisme can be taught to recognize all of the devices and will integrate with existing smart devices like NEST or WeMo, making the home significantly smarter. There is a clamp sensor that is used to measure the current, Voltage, frequency and power are measured using the connection of the plug to the socket. Ecoisme is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

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