Braven BRV-Pro, World’s first ultra-rugged Bluetooth Speaker

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Braven has announced the availability of the BRV-Pro, which is the world’s first modular ultra-rugged Bluetooth speaker designed for the most audacious outdoor enthusiasts. This tank-like portable speaker has the durability to withstand all of the most extreme adventures.

Braven BRV-Pro, World's first ultra-rugged Bluetooth Speaker
~ Braven BRV-Pro, World’s first ultra-rugged Bluetooth Speaker ~

It comes with the power to blast HD music in any environment and the accessories to adapt to the surroundings and activities, including an extended battery pack, a solar charging panel, an LED glow deck and a stack plate multiplier. The BRV-Pro is the audio companion no matter how extreme, loud or relaxed of the adventure may be.

The ecosystem of accessories make the BRV-Pro adaptable, the sound quality makes it audiophile worthy and ruggedness makes it tougher than anything out there. Braven’s BRV-Pro delivers robust HD sound in an IPX7 waterproof design fortified with aircraft grade aluminum.

It capable of blasting music for up to 15 hours and it integrates a built-in 2,200mAh rechargeable battery that doubles as a power bank to charge smartphones and other USB devices. The BRV-Pro can also be outfitted with a solar charging panel for virtually endless music and power. Braven’s BRV-Pro is now available at their official website for $149.99. Other BRV-Pro accessories can be purchase from $19.99 to $49.99.

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