Archos announces Fusion Storage Android tablets

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Archos, the pioneer in Android devices, has presented the Archos Fusion Storage, which is a revolutionary software that seamlessly combine the memory of any micro SD card with the internal storage on a device. The Fusion Storage by Archos is a revolutionary and unique technology that optimizes data storage by fusing internal memory with external micro SD card memory.

Archos new Fusion Storage Android tablet
~ Archos new Fusion Storage Android tablet ~

Once activated, the Archos Fusion Storage automatically migrates data from the micro SD card and optimizes memory balance, resulting in an increase in install space for apps and games as well as more storage for media and large files.

The Magnus range embodies Archos tablets replacing mechanical drives for ultra-fast flash drives and the Magnus series guarantees excellent processing power, superb speeds and an immersive user experience. The Archos 94 Magnus and Archos 101 Magnus Plus feature 256GB and 128GB of internal storage respectively enthralls users with amazing HD graphics and outstanding app and media experience without worrying about running out of space for their data.

Both Archos 101 Magnus Plus and 94 Magnus feature super powerful Cortex A17 quad-core processors capable of running apps and games smoothly while remaining energy efficient for even longer battery life. The Archos 101 Magnus Plus 128 GB and Archos 94 Magnus 256GB will available in April 2015 for $349. Archos will also be launching the Archos 101 Magnus, the first tablet with 64GB of internal storage for $179.

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