The EmoSPARK Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Cube

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EmoSpark combines media, emotion and social networking in an innovative way that we never experienced before. The unique of the EmoSpark rating system allows the cube to rate media played to the users based on their personalized emotional response, including the SoundCloud, YouTube and other platform.

The EmoSPARK Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Cube
~ The EmoSPARK Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Cube ~

The data is permanently recorded in the cube and from the data, EmoSpark learns intelligently what media make the users happy, sad, excited or any other emotion that users can possibly imagine. Music is one of the most direct and immediate stimuli of emotional response, as studies have proven that even unborn children can literally hear music in stereo and react to it.

EmoSpark will be able to add their emotions to their media and shape, enhance and change their mood accordingly. By providing a distinct emotional reference point, this incredible technology will literally change the way users hear, see and experience video and music.

EmoSpark has a conversation engine of over 2 million lines of data. Each time they chat with EmoSpark, it will learn to develop its own conversational understanding based on the context of their interaction. EmoSpark interacts by searching through the records of previous conversations and selecting an appropriate response to their comments.

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