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Smart Atoms, a group of technology visionaries, designer and engineer, has introduced LaMetric, which is a smart ticker that display all the information for the users when they need it. It is the first standalone, customizable, hackable ticker that tracks key metrics and display them in real-time.

LaMetric Smart Ticker
~ LaMetric Smart Ticker ~

The uniquely retro clock can be setup to tell the users the event on their calendar for the day; the temperature or even to count down the days until the new baby is born. LaMetric eliminates the need to check multiple apps or news sites for the information for the users’ need.

LaMetric is customizable through its app that allows users to combine icons, scrolling text, metrics and changes, goals, days, trends and sounds. It is compatible with IFTTT to show the users any information they want from the recipes they create on the platform.

LaMetric can also be integrated with several home automation systems like SmartThings, WigWag or Ninja Blocks. Besides these, LaMetric’s interactive digital simulator lets the users experience the Smart ticker’s customization possibilities before it even hits backers’ doorsteps. The simulator shows how users can create their own icons, messages and sound using LaMetric.

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