SCiO, a pocket molecular sensor for all

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SCiO is the world’s first affordable molecular sensor that fits in the palm of the hand and it is the tiny spectrometer that allows users to get instant relevant information about the chemical make-up of just about anything around them.

SCiO, a pocket molecular sensor for all
~ SCiO, a pocket molecular sensor for all ~

SCiO able to analyze food, plants and medications and it can send the information directly to the smartphone. SCiO can get the nutritional facts about different kinds of food such as salad dressings, sauces, fruits, cheeses and more.

It can see how ripe an Avocado is; find out the quality of the cooking oil; know the well-being of the plants; analyze soil or hydroponic solutions; authenticate medications or supplements. SCiO also comes with smartphone’s app that works with the device.

The SCiO mobile app allows users to choose a specific SCiO application from the available options, once they choose the app they need, they are ready to scan and get the relevant information instantly.

The SCiO has a light source that illuminates the sample and an optical sensor called as spectrometer that can collect the light reflected from the sample. The spectrometer breaks down the light to its spectrum, which includes all the information required to detect the result of this interaction between the illuminated light and the molecules in the sample.

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