Samsung mass production 3D V-Nand Flash Memory

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Samsung Electronics, the world leader in advanced memory technology, has announced that it has begun mass producing the industry’s first 3-bit multi-level-cell (MLC) three-dimensional (3D) Vertical Nand (V-Nand) flash memory for the use in the Solid State Drives (SSDs).

Samsung mass production 3D V-Nand Flash Memory
~ Samsung mass production 3D V-Nand Flash Memory ~

The 3-bit V-Nand is Samsung’s latest second generation V-Nand device, which utilizes 32 vertically stacked cell layers per Nand Memory chip. Each cell provides 128 gigabits (GB) of memory storage. In the V-Nand chip structure, each cell is electrically connected to a non-conductive layer using charge trap flash (CTF) technology. Each cell array is vertically stacked on top of one another to form multibillion-cell chips.

The use of the 3 bit-per-cell, 32 layer vertically stacked cell arrays sharply raises the efficiency of memory production. The new 3-bit V-Nand has more than doubled wafer productivity compared to the Samsung’s 10 nano-meter-class 3-bit planar Nand flash.

The 3-bit V-Nand is the 3D memory era by speeding up the evolution of V-Nand production technology. It will be demanded to expand market adoption of V-Nand memory to SSDs suitable for general PC users, in addition to efficiently addressing the high-endurance storage needs of most servers today.

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