Revocharge touted powerful mobile charger

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Revocharge is a patent-pending and the most advanced wireless charging smartphone case that customized to fit iPhone and Android. It utilizes the conductive charging technology with results in faster and more efficient syncing and charging.

Revocharge touted powerful mobile charger
~ Revocharge touted powerful mobile charger ~

It benefits the users because it is not using any cords and cable, so it is designed to make the phone truly mobile. It comes with MFI license that allows Apple to dissect and analyze every aspect of Revocharge to ensure the lives up to Apple’s expectations.

The Revocharge phone cases feature a removable battery that attaches to the case using a pin-to-ring connection. The battery contains a micro-USB input that allowing the users to charge both the battery, the phone at the same time while syncing data.

It is designed for users to easily plug the headphones in by opening up the turbo jet cover. No more having to carry around bulky and extension cords. It also has the Autosense technology that can automatically adjust to a device’s need for optimum charging.

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